THE NEWS AT NOON. Death of Émile, hearing of Gilles d’Ettore delayed, return of the energy check… what to remember

THE NEWS AT NOON. Death of Émile, hearing of Gilles d’Ettore delayed, return of the energy check… what to remember

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Retrouvez les informations sélectionnées par Midi Libre ce mardi 2 avril 2024 à la mi-journée.

L’info of the day

Death of Émile. He disappeared on July 8, 2023. The discovery of the skull of  rsquo;Emile three days ago, marks a crucial turning point in an investigation which will accelerate. Many gray areas remain.

Since this morning, many experts have been mobilized in the Haut-Vernet sector to try to find other bones of the little boy. In addition to the gendarmes, dog handlers are present as well as anthropologists who are trying to determine whether the child's skull could have been brought back by a human, an animal or weather changes.

This Tuesday, April 2, 2024, the public prosecutor of Aix-en-Provence will speak at a press conference.

And also…

Shooting in a school in Finland. Three children were injured this Tuesday, April 2, 2024 during ;a shooting in a primary school in Vantaa, a town on the outskirts of Helsinki, according to the Finnish police. A suspect, also a minor, was apprehended. The victims were taken to the hospital.

Teachers' strike. Two weeks after their last mobilization, the teaching unions are launching a new call for a strike this Tuesday 2& ;nbsp;April. Middle and high school teachers are called upon to mobilize massively, among other things against the "clash of knowledge", a measure deemed " unequal" in the eyes of the teaching unions.

Gilles d'Ettore affair. Imprisoned on March 21 for "corruption, illegal taking of interest", the mayor of Agde and president of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration appealed his placement in detention, just like the clairvoyant Sophia Martinez. Her hearing could be delayed because of a strike affecting penitentiary establishments in the region.

Practical info

Energy check. The energy check is back. This aid set up by the’ State allows the most modest households to fight against the surge in energy prices.

It will be valid until March 31 of the following year to pay gas or electricity bills. Discover the schedule for sending the first checks to Occitanie.

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