THE NEWS AT NOON. The anger of farmers does not abate, immigration law, 30 degrees in Spain… what to remember

THE NEWS AT NOON. The anger of farmers does not abate, immigration law, 30 degrees in Spain... what to remember

L'ACTU À MIDI. Colère des agriculteurs, loi immigration, hausse des températures en Espagne.. MAXPPP/Montage Canva – Jean-Luc Flémal/Alexis Sciard/Frédéric Vennarecci

Retrouvez les informations sélectionnées par Midi Libre ce vendredi 26 janvier 2024 à la mi-journée.

News of the day

French farmers continued their protest movement on Friday, with road blockages at the gates of Paris, while Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is expected during the day on first emergency measures. The head of government must announce "simplification measures"in favor of farmers, who have intensified their mobilization in recent days to denounce in particular the precariousness of their profession, the soaring costs and an inflation of community environmental standards. Several roads have been blocked throughout France during the week and farmers are threatening to blockade the capital on Friday, increasing pressure on the government. The A1 motorway, a major traffic axis linking Paris to Lille, was blocked Friday morning in both directions near Senlis (Oise), according to a Reuters journalist present on site. South of Paris, the national 118, close to the A10 motorway and Orly airport, was blocked between Marcoussis and Orsay (Essonne), according to the Sytadin network of the prefecture of the Ile-de-France region.
Vinci Autoroutes also indicated that the A11 motorway towards Paris was cut off at Chartres (Eure-et-Loire). "The time is serious for the government because if it is not up to the task of responding this afternoon, I am not following up on the movement, how it will happen", warned Friday on Sud Radio Arnaud Gaillot, president of the union of "Young farmers".

And also…

The immigration law will be promulgated "in the coming hours " said the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, guest on the 8 p.m. news on TF1 last night. Note that the Wise Men of the Constitutional Council specify that they have censored "partially or totally" 32 articles of the law as “legislative riders”, that is to say without sufficient links with the initial text.

Temperatures around 30 °C were recorded on Thursday January 25 in Spain, hit by a heat wave worthy of the start of summer in the middle of January, announced the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet. The thermometer rose to 30.7 ;deg;C in Gavarda, in the Province of Valencia this Thursday, January 25 in the afternoon, 28.5°C in that of Murcia and 27.8°C near Malaga, in the south of Andalusia. Several local temperature records for the month of January were also broken across the country. These are exceptional values ​​for a month of January, as evidenced by the reactions of meteorologists on social networks. The spokesperson for Aemet, Ruben del Campo, even mentions an "anomaly" of these "summer" which correspond to those "specific to the middle or end of June". According to David Corell, researcher at the University of Valencia, cited by our colleagues from TF1, this heat in the middle of winter, which also affects the south-east of France, is caused by the presence of a powerful anticyclone above the Mediterranean. "There are no studies yet that have assessed the long-term trend of this type of events, but it is clear that we are experiencing this type of abnormal situations more and more frequently", due to&nbsp ;global warming, explained the researcher. 

The Plantiers killing trial continues. The accused Valentin Marcone admitted the double murder, but he always denied premeditation, presenting himself as a victim who would have responded to a  &quot ;accumulation of bullying. He was in conflict with his boss, particularly over overtime issues. The trial is scheduled to continue until next Monday.

Unusual info

This Friday, January 26, 2024, the Euromillions jackpot amounts to 130 million euros. A colossal sum that will make more than one want to try their luck. In addition, with My Millions, one of the participants will be drawn at random and win the sum of 1 million ;rsquo;euros. To play, simply tick 6 numbers: 5 numbers on a grid of 49 numbers and 1 lucky number on a grid of 10 numbers. You win the jackpot if you have 5 winning numbers and the complementary number. You must also check 2 stars on a grid containing 12. To maximize your chances of winning, it is possible to play more numbers and more stars on the same grid, we can read on   BFM.  It is possible to play several grids and go to an FDJ retailer for the paper version or participate online, with an identity document, on the FDJ website. or from the FDJ mobile application (Android and iOS). If you don't know which numbers to bet on, the FDJ offers, on its site, a flash system which chooses your numbers at random. The initial bet is 2.50 euros for a simple grid. Participation can be done until 8:15 p.m. on drawing days, we can read on the website of the FDJ.&nbsp ;Online, according to BFM, it is possible to play up to 2 minutes before the draw. The draw will be made at 9 p.m. 

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