“The players want to go to the final,” assures Jean-Michel Vidal, president of the ASBH

“The players want to go to the final,” assures Jean-Michel Vidal, president of the ASBH

Intense joie et vive émotion pour Jean-Michel Vidal en fin de match. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Jean-Michel Vidal, the president of the ASBH, experienced intense emotion during the play-off against Brive. He explains that his players will go to Vannes to get their ticket to the final.

A good hour after the end of the match, Jean-Michel Vidal, the president of the ASBH, was still moved while thinking of his team's victory. He did not hide the fact that he had tears in his eyes when he saw her win: "These players really have hearts from another world, he assured, his eyes shining with determination. I have the feeling that we are really capable of playing any team. No one is above us, even if budget-wise, we look like Tom Thumb."

Enough to want to continue moving towards a summit which is no longer very far away. The players made it clear to their president: "In the locker room, they were like crazy, smiles Jean-Michel Vidal . They want to go to Toulouse where the final will be played. I know that we are capable of beating Vannes and Provence rugby does not scare me. Either way, the players are going to Vannes to win. We have not set ourselves any limits. And with this team we cannot prejudge anything. The heart is everything."

"Transition to another dimension"

There are three matches left to secure accession to the Top 14: the semi-final in Vannes, the final (against Provence Rugby or Grenoble) and access match  nbsp; facing Montpellier. The climb to the summit has never been closer. And even the DNACG, the financial policeman of French rugby, considered it: "We were asked to present four budgets, for a play-off, a semi-final , for the final and finally, for an accession to  Top 14", explains Jean-Michel Vidal.

All that remains is to fill the stocking with wool. Which does not seem impossible to the president: "I saw people who no longer came to the stadium and who have money, business leaders with means who had tears in their eyes. All this will bring us a surplus of partners. We will also have more audiences. We can move to another dimension."

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