“There, I surrender”: the carbon tax scam scammer Marco Mouly finally presents himself to the Paris judicial court

“There, I surrender”: the carbon tax scam scammer Marco Mouly finally presents himself to the Paris judicial court

Marco Mouly se rend à la justice. MAXPPP – LP/Arnaud Journois

This Wednesday, March 13, 2024, Marco Mouly, one of the protagonists of the VAT scam on the carbon market, went to justice, by appearing in court from Paris.

The end of a run. This Wednesday, Marco Mouly, one of the biggest and most famous crooks in the carbon tax scam, presented himself to the Paris judicial court, in order to surrender with a view to his incarceration in another case, informs France Info. The one who calls himself the "king of scam" announced that he was giving up on the run, in front of several journalists in the hall of the capital's courthouse.

"I surrender, the run no longer exists"

The scammer could return to prison for a year and a half in connection with a case dating from 1998 and 1999. Marco Mouly is implicated in a fraud involving VAT to the detriment of the State of Denmark, specifies le Parsien. But Friday March 8, his probationary suspension was partially revoked by the sentence enforcement judge due to several of his obligations not being respected. This conviction follows the occupation of a fictitious job as a community manager, details the daily newspaper.

Marco Mouly who declared: "Well yeah, I defy the police !", not even a week ago, to our colleagues from Médiapart, finally completely changed version this Wednesday. "I hesitated to come. There I go. I am not going on the run, I am surrendering, the run no longer exists, he told journalists at the Paris court.

"We have the stomach to go to prison. We have the stomach to respect justice and to say: we are here. The stomach is there, but it's scary to go to prison. We still had a life outside, after thirty years of proceedings", he continued, with his two bags in his hands, filled with belongings.

"Silver and blood"

If this affair is unknown to some, others will quickly recognize the similarity with the Canal + series "D'Argent et de sang", taken from these facts.

This series with Vincent Lindon, Niels Schneider, Ramzy Bedia and Judith Chemla takes up the story of "the scam of the century&quot ; on the market for CO2 emissions quotas in 2008-2009, which made it possible to divert several billion euros to the detriment of the tax authorities.

The fight against climate change gone astray, the alliance of small strikes from the popular district of Belleville and the upper Parisian bourgeoisie, a hunt between France and Israel: the affair provided golden material to director Xavier Giannoli, at the helm of this work.

The most impressive performance is that of Ramzy Bedia, who plays Fitous, the crook from Belleville ready to do anything to succeed, inspired by Marco Mouly.

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