“They are rapists”: Alexandra Lamy responds to Anny Duperey’s comments on directors accused of sexual violence

“They are rapists”: Alexandra Lamy responds to Anny Duperey’s comments on directors accused of sexual violence

Alexandra Lamy réagi vivement aux propos d'Anny Duperey. MAXPPP – Luc Nobout

Ce dimanche 11 février 2024, la comédienne Alexandra Lamy a réagi sur X (ex-Twitter) aux propos d'Anny Duperey sur les multiples accusations de violences sexuelles visant plusieurs réalisateurs français.

For several months now, many cinema protagonists have been the target of complaints or accusations of rape and sexual assault. Actress Anny Duperey defended directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon on RTL, while several actresses accused them. This Sunday, Alexandra Lamy responded to the latter on her account X.


"You want to tell all these women that you don't like late night witch hunts but they're not witches, they're rapists, criminals. You need to tell all these victims that you don't like the hunt for rapists and late-life criminals!", launched the actress in her message posted on X.

Alexandra Lamy then tackled Anny Duperey. "It's true that no one has dared to attack you, you would almost be disappointed not to have had this experience of&# 39;harassment, or things like that, as you say!", she wrote, quoted by Le Parisien.

"Thank you Ms. Duperey, on behalf of all the victims, of all those who have the courage to speak, to ask them now to keep quiet because it's too much long time!", these are the words of Alexandra Lamy to conclude.

Remarks that don't get through

These comments come the day after Anny Duperey's statements made on RTL. The latter returned to the turmoil in which Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon are.

"Maybe I was lucky because I was, due to my personal history with death of my parents, a kind of survivor, no one risked attacking me. That's how it is, I didn't have the victim's profile, she declared on the radio microphone.

"I'm going to get punched, but I think this whole thing is extremely exaggerated. Still six years with a director… Under the influence, I'm willing, but still consenting, no ? I don't really know what to think of this thing, but I don't like not too much about these late witch hunts like that", had pronounced Anny Duperey.

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