“They were mutilating her”: her dogs attack her when she returns home, woman dies on her birthday

On the night of Tuesday 4 to Wednesday 5 June, in Ballyneety, a village in County Limerick, Ireland, a 23-year-old woman died on her birthday after being attacked by her dogs.

Her name was Nicole Morey and she was celebrating her birthday. This 23-year-old Irish girl thought she was having a good time but she met a tragic end on the steps of her house. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, she was suddenly attacked by two of her dogs, American Bullies, when she opened the door. She did not survive, reportsThe Irish Mirror.

Died on the spot

Shortly before midnight, Nicole Morey opened the door to her house, and that's when one of her four dogs lunged at her, then a second animal hastened to do the same thing. Witnesses who witnessed the scene described it as "horrible""The dogs were mutilating her", reports a person present at the scene of the tragedy.

Alert, the police went to the scene to help the young person. But the officers had no choice but to use their weapons and shoot one of the two American Bully dogs, which is a breed of American Bully dogs. from the cross between the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit-Bull Terrier, note Ouest France.

Despite a transfer to the hospital, it's already too late, Nicole Morey's fate has already been sealed. "The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel", says an Irish police spokesperson.

The victim's loved ones are in shock. "I’m so heartbroken. On your birthday. I love you Nicole Morey", testifies one of them. "Her dogs were like her children", whispers Nicole’s uncle. However, an investigation was opened in order to understand the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

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