Three brand new self-services for Montpellier schoolchildren

Three brand new self-services for Montpellier schoolchildren

Le maire de Montpellier en présence des élèves de Louis Amstrong dans le quartier Petit-Bard DR – Twitter @ManarBouida

Inaugurés par le maire de Montpellier, trois nouveaux selfs vont accueillir les écoliers de la ville. Pour un montant total de 4,5 M€, ils sont désormais éco-responsables et mieux adaptés aux fortes chaleurs. 

Last Friday March 15, the mayor of Montpellier Michaël Delafosse, accompanied by the deputy mayor responsible for food policy and urban agriculture Marie Massart inaugurated the new school restaurant Louis-Amstrong elementary school in the Petit-Bard district.

For a total amount of 3.5 million euros, a new courtyard, two catering rooms and a facility to facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility were built. Also, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the building and maintain comfort during extreme heat, a fan system was installed thus 215m² of photovoltaic panels.

Two new chokes next week

For several years, the city of Montpellier has been implementing an important food policy for the city's schools. Next Thursday, March 21, it is the chokes of the Blaise-Pascal school and that of the Berthe-Morisot school which will complete their moult. "Today, 17 chokes are in service, including three new ones built this year. The deployment of self-service units in our public schools and the modernization of distribution methods encourage the learning of taste and eco-responsible food", believes the mayor of the city.

Environmentally friendly meals

Already congratulated for its commitment to healthy and environmentally friendly food last December by the Assiette Végétale association, the city has also signed the Etica charter and is committed to thus prioritizing meat supplies that are as respectful as possible of animal conditions.

To date, 66% of the city's school canteen products are organic and/or local. "Our objective is to achieve 100% local products at the end of the mandate", assures elected socialist Michaël Delafosse .

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