Touch rugby on the way to the regional championship

Touch rugby on the way to the regional championship

Les Frelons bagnolais ont été invaincus au tournoi de Garons.

The season is not over for the Bagnolais Frelons. The men's team from the rugby club Bagnols Marcoule touch group is still on the pitch. This Sunday, they were in Garons to participate in the departmental tournament. Eight players made the trip for the Men’s Open. A first for the RCBM touch group. With only two years of existence, the Frelons entered the competition for the first time this season.

A successful bet since on the day of the tournament, they left again victorious in all their matches. "The closest was played against Montfaucon who we know well, explains Bruno Palun, player-coach of the category. We managed to get the offensive bonus on all our other matches. " Victories which allow them to access the regional tournament, next Saturday June 1, in Laveur in Tarn. "The objectives have been achieved, continues Bruno Palun. On can be proud of the excellent state of mind of the entire group and their unfailing combativeness. We hope to repeat in the regional tournament. "

The other touch players will be able to defend the colors of the category, at the Saint-Exupéry stadium, in Bagnols-sur-Cèze during the second edition of the Challenge Marty. A charity touch rugby tournament open to licensees or not.

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