Traveling, a film school that provides short circuit training for Demain nous nous and local productions

Traveling, a film school that provides short circuit training for Demain nous nous and local productions

Des apprenants électriciens de plateau avec leur formateur professionnel. Midi Libre – KELMAN MARTI

Traveling opened in Sète a few years ago, in a city where cinema is booming. Time to take stock of the school's short circuit training work.

"In 2019, the town hall of Sète offered us the opportunity to settle here. We grabbed it because it's a city where cinema is growing and where there are a lot of opportunities." Five years later, Laurent Mesguich, director of the Traveling school, absolutely does not regret his choice and is "proud" of the links forged on a local scale with the different productions.

"We communicate with production management and with corporate leaders all year round. This link has been consolidated over the years. Now everyone knows each other and it's easier to work together, he continues.

A link that attracts

"The strength of the professional training offered here (stagehand, electrician and set props) is precisely that' #39;they offer rapid opportunities in the territory", argues Sabrina Barkate, responsible for these training courses. The reason ? Partnerships established with the three local productions, Tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all begins< /em> from TF1 and Un si grand soleil from France Télévisions, in addition to those with France Travail and the Occitanie Region for recruitment.

And this link with the productions is attractive. This is the case of Gaël, a former hotel receptionist, in the process of retraining. "The opportunities are interesting and partly explain my arrival in the industry. ;school. I would like to join Here it all begins, indicates the future machinist. Next to him, Kenny, already used to the sets who wants to change careers and also specialize as a stagehand. "I met the school on a set when I worked on dailies. Why not come back to it then,” declares the intermittent entertainment worker, who like many has his training entirely financed by the Region, France Travail or Afdas.< /p>

Involvement from selection

This collaboration between Traveling and productions begins at the learner selection phase. "During individual interviews, where future students from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds, they help us make the choice, because they are the ones then recruit", specifies Sabrina Barkate. At the same time, depending on their needs, "Travelling can add modules to the courses" which last between one and three months, reveals the director of the school based in Mauguio.

To these collaborations, we must also add occasional visits by learners and end-of-course internships on film sets. Because of these collaborations, "a certain number of them are immediately hired by the three productions or elsewhere in Occitanie. More generally, the learners constitute a solid intermittent base from which to draw the series, assures Sabrina Barkate.

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