Triathlon: Sétois Thomas Egiziano heads for the “Half Ironman” Worlds

Triathlon: Sétois Thomas Egiziano heads for the “Half Ironman” Worlds

Le Sétois rejoint Julie Hemar, qualifiée en octobre dernier.

La saison a débuté le 21 avril dernier pour le Sétois Thomas Egiziano, à l’occasion du "Half Ironman" (70.3) de Valencia (Espagne).

It was thanks to extensive winter preparation, intended to perform over this distance, that he succeeded in his entry. The objective was to do the best in his age category, aiming for a place in the top 5 to qualify for the 70.3 Ironman world championships. Mission accomplished.

Third in age category

No less than 2,350 triathletes were there for this first "Half" European event. To complete the event, it was necessary to cover 1,900 m of swimming in the port of Valencia, 90 km of cycling with 800 meters of elevation gain, then a half-marathon. Thomas Egiziano finished this event in 4h23. Third in his age category, he therefore obtained his qualification. It is under the colors of his new club, La Palestre Triathlon, and in the company of Julie Hemar (already qualified last October by winning the 70.3 in Barcelona in her category) that he will participate in the 70.3 world championships Ironman in New Zealand on December 14 and 15.

Big challenge this Saturday under the Spanish sun

Previously, they will be entered, this Saturday, May 18, in the Ironman of Lanzarote (Spain), renowned for being the toughest on the circuit with difficult conditions linked to wind and heat, as well as a bike course with 2,500 m of elevation gain. Enough to prepare on a real scale before the big meeting in New Zealand.

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