Trivialized violence: the voice given to teenagers and adults during an agora in Montpellier

Trivialized violence: the voice given to teenagers and adults during an agora in Montpellier

Le micro à Sarah, une lycéenne qui excelle aussi dans le judo.

Une agora a été organisée dans le quartier de la Paillade, il y a quelques jours de cela. L’occasion de faire retomber la tension après l’agression de Samara. Sans pour autant évacuer toutes les craintes.

Recently at the Halle des 4 Saisons, at a time when local elders flock to the café terrace, an agora was held. She wanted to put words to the trivialization of violence in youth which is increasingly worrying. Teachers, parents, associations took turns taking the microphone to share analyzes and more personal feelings on a phenomenon that many feel as growing.

"I'm afraid for the youth"

"I'm afraid for the youth. For my children. For all the children!", launched Hamid, parent. The meeting, proposed to free up civic voice, took place in a context purveyor of drama. Like that of the attack on young Samara. However, it is with a perspective on current events that the discussion has progressed. Leaving more room for proposals.

"Combat sports help channel excess energy in teenagers. We learn to defend ourselves and gain self-confidence too. The anxiety of younger people explains a lot of behavior", defends Laetitia, boxing instructor at Montpellier Boxing Paillade. A positive effect of sport as demonstrated by Sarah, high school student, black belt in judo: "It brought me peace. But if I no longer have a story, it's also because my parents taught me to stay away from trouble" .

Hearts were heavy

Karim, Pailladin and teacher, insists on the responsibility of parents, without making them guilty. Recalling that they are the only legal guardians. And that a lot of room for maneuver in education lies within the family. "Despite all my precautions to secure my son's phone, he will always find a way to use it for what he wants!" , continues Nathalie, Grabelloise. Zakia, street educator, bounces back. "There is an important area of ​​work on this, particularly on social networks".

That morning, because hearts were heavy, the unplugged microphone did not make a clear cut, many stayed to chat, ordering other coffees.< /p>

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