Two Montpellier residents in the top 10 oldest coaches among the major European championships

Two Montpellier residents in the top 10 oldest coaches among the major European championships

Michel Der Zakarian and Jean-Louis Gasset (at Saint-Etienne during this period) have already faced each other in Ligue 1. MAXPPP – Photo Philippe VACHER

In the top 10 oldest coaches of the five major European championships, there are two Montpellier residents: Michel Der Zakarian (61 years old) and Jean-Louis Gasset (70 years old) recently at the head of Olympique de Marseille. ;nbsp;

The media 90min has released the top 10 of the oldest coaches of the Big Five, where we can find three coaches French including two from Montpellier. 

The ranking is dominated by Claudio Ranieri (72 and 121 days), former coach of AS Monaco still in office at Cagliari, in Serie A. In second position, Laszlo Boloni (Clermont Foot) aged 70 years and 339 days is present. 

Jean-Louis Gasset, new OM coach, joins the top

Coach of Ivory Coast during the last CAN 2023 until the debacle against Equatorial Guinea (4-0) in the group stage, Jean-Louis Gasset joined this top thanks to his arrival on the bench of Olympique de Marseille. 

Aged 70 years and 31 days, the experienced French coach, notably spent with Montpellier HSC from 1998 to 1999 then more briefly in 2017, has launched a new challenge with the Marseille club, signing a contract until the end of the season. 

He will be accompanied in particular by two other Montpellier residents, Ghislain Printant and Nicolas Girard, son of René. 

Michel Der Zakarian brings up the rear

Roy Hodgson (76), iconic English coach who recently left his position at Crystal Palace, no longer dominates this ranking. His departure allowed, among other things, the integration of another Montpellier coach into the top. 

Michel Der Zakarian, coach of Montpellier HSC since winter 2023 after a first stint from 2017 to 2021, has joined this ranking which is not very rejuvenating for the coach who recently celebrated his 61st birthday.&nbsp ;

The pailladin spirit endures over time and its elders continue to operate at the highest level. 

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