“Unacceptable behavior”: player Mohamed Camara causes controversy by hiding the logo against homophobia with tape

“Unacceptable behavior”: player Mohamed Camara causes controversy by hiding the logo against homophobia with tape

Mohamed Camara lors de la rencontre Monaco-Nantes ce edmanche. MAXPPP – SPORTPIXPRESS

During the Monaco-Nantes match (4-0), which took place this Sunday evening, Mohamed Camara, penalty scorer, created controversy by deliberately hiding the logo against homophobia flocked on his jersey.

If AS Monaco distinguished itself this Sunday evening during the closing of Ligue 1 by beating FC Nantes 4-0, one player stood out during the meeting. Midfielder Mohamed Camara scored the 3rd goal on a penalty, after Ben Yedder, the usual striker, let him convert the shot. But he also made a name for himself by deliberately hiding the patch against homophobia plastered on his jersey.

Hidden logo

This was an action implemented by the Professional Football League (LFP) as part of the fight against homophobia. Thus, a logo was flocked just under the collar of the players' jerseys. But as visible in the images of the meeting, the Monegasque player had covered the latter with tape.

Note that he was voluntarily absent from the pre-match protocol photo where the two teams posed in front of the slogan symbolizing the fight against homophobia.

An internal discussion

Adi Hütter, Monaco coach, announced on Sunday evening that the principality club would have an "internal discussion" with his midfielder Mohamed Camara.

If Hütter said he appreciated the "victory with spectacle", s’he congratulated< em> "the team for this deserved 2nd place over the season", he also reacted to the attitude of his player.< em> "First of all, I would like to say that we, as a club, support the operation organized by the LFP, he said. For his part (Camara), it’s a personal initiative. There will be an internal discussion with him about this situation. I will not comment further."

Tougher sanctions

The Minister of Sports was the guest of the morning show of RTL this Monday. Amélie Oudéa- Castéra did not fail to react to the controversy on the radio microphone.

"I find this to be unacceptable behavior. I was able to say what I thought at the professional football league last night", she said. "I believe that such behavior must be the subject of the strongest sanctions against the player, but also against the club which uses him. rsquo;let it happen", continued the minister.

Another player also caused controversy in the evening, it is Mostafa Mohamed, an attacker from FC Nantes. The Egyptian international refused to participate in the match due to the campaign put in place by the LFP. The center forward had already been sanctioned the previous season for a similar refusal.

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