Up to 30.5°: temperature records broken in Millau and in South Aveyron this Saturday April 13

Up to 30.5°: temperature records broken in Millau and in South Aveyron this Saturday April 13

Il a fait un peu plusLe ciel devrait être au grand bleu ce dimanche 14 avril avec des températures de 10°C supérieures aux moyennes saisonnières. Midi Libre – F.MAYET

This Saturday, April 13, temperatures were, overall, 10&deg higher; to the averages generally observed in mid-April in South Aveyron in general and Millau in particular. Same thing for this Sunday 14 before a very significant drop from this Monday, April 15.  

Hot ahead: this Saturday, April 13, the temperatures recorded (under shelters) in South Aveyron were, on average, 10&deg higher; according to seasonal standards! And, this Sunday, April 14, the sky will be as sunny as ever with, simply, a slight veil of altitude and temperatures as warm as ever. 

30.5°C in Millau and 30°C in Saint-Affrique 

According to the Facebook page "Météo Sud Aveyron", the temperatures recorded, under shelter, this Saturday afternoon, with more than 30°C in certain localities, beat several monthly heat records. Let us quote 30.5° C in Millau,   30°C in Entraygues and Saint-Affrique, 30°C in Montlaur (monthly record equaled), 28.5°C on the heights of Brusque (new monthly record, previous record: 26.6& deg;C on April 9, 2011), 27.7°C in Soulobres (Millau) – new monthly record (previous record: 27°C on April 9, 2011). 

26.5 °C at Larzac aerodrome

Let's not forget the 26.5°C recorded this Saturday April 13 near the Larzac aerodrome (new monthly record, previous record: 25.6°C on April 29, 2005) and 25.6°C in Salles-Curan (new monthly record, previous record: 25.5°C on April 14, 2015) . As for Mont-Aigual, it was 19.9°C this Saturday, barely a few tenths of a degree less than the record ever observed in April: 20.5°C. deg;C on April 19, 1949.

Temperatures will fall this Monday, April 15. They will lose around ten degrees. They will be very cool on Tuesday and Wednesday, barely reaching 12/14°C during the day.

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