Urban planning and finance were debated at the community council of Millau Grands Causses

Urban planning and finance were debated at the community council of Millau Grands Causses

The elected officials met on the evening of Wednesday May 29 in the Halle Viaduc, Place de la Capelle, in Millau.

Two hours. This is how long it took, this Wednesday, May 29 in the evening, for the elected officials of the Millau Grands Causses Community of Communes to vote, unanimously, on the twenty questions on the agenda. Questions, most of which focused on two main themes: urban planning and finance.

Rent license in Millau

In connection with "the establishment of the rental permit system in the commune of Millau" an agreement will be signed between the Community of Communes and the Caf de l’Aveyron (Family Allowance Fund). Scheduled to come into force on September 2 in the sector of the historic Millavois center (38 streets between Boulevard de Bonald, Rue Droite and Rue de la Capelle), the measure must " subject landlords to a prior authorization or rental declaration regime in predefined areas. The objective is to make any rental contract subject to authorization in order to ensure that the property does not present a risk to the health and safety of the future tenant."

Project for an inclusive residence

The Hôtel-Dieu building, built from 1824 to 1870 in the center of Millau, is the subject of a rehabilitation project in « inclusive housing residence » by Altriane French mutual insurance company Aveyron (former union of Millavoise mutual societies). The program provides 26 individual rental housing units with, in addition, collective entertainment, health and well-being spaces, not forgetting a micro crèche. The cost of the operation was set at 7.9 million euros. On this amount, a social rental loan of 3.9 M€ for which the Community of Communes has undertaken to be guarantor "of the simple guarantee, up to 50%, or 1.9 M€."

District city contract 2030

Community elected officials unanimously approved the city contract framework document « Neighborhoods 2030 » which will concern the old center and Beauregard in Millau. "The objective is to maximize the mobilization of public and private actors while improving the visibility of the role of the State" , underlined Emmanuelle Gazel, president of the community of communes and mayor of Millau. "The city center and Beauregard were targeted after the analysis of their social needs because they present the most difficulties in the territory. We will strengthen our capacities to act."

Aid for businesses

As part of its economic powers, the community of communes votes for aid for the renovation of shop windows. On Wednesday evening, two Millau stores on Place du Mandarous were discussed: Eden-Ligot (formerly Bocca Reva) and La Mie Câline. The first was awarded aid of €3,432.47, the second support of €1,355.56. Thierry Perez, the elected official in charge of the file, recalled that two other local businesses have already benefited from similar aid: the Saint-Jacques pastry shop and the Caumes des livres bookstore.

Financial questions

The mayor of Veyreau, Régis Cartayrade, before going through five financial questions (including the 2023 administrative account) wanted to "thank all the community elected officials for their moral support" following the fire in the bell tower of his town's church. A disaster occurred during the night of April 8 to 9 after lightning struck the top of the religious building.

Concerning, more specifically, the 2023 administrative account, there appears to be a total expenditure of 40.9 M€ for total revenue of 39.3 M€. With the observation of an "increase of 715,368 € expenditure compared to 2022." Mainly due to: maintenance of the sports complex (+136,000 €) and a change in personnel costs of 9.24% linked to the creation of common services (land, housing, urban planning) in September 2023.

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