Uzès, Pézenas, Gruissan, Céret, Leucate, Sainte-Marie-la-Mer: these new municipalities which are preparing to benefit from the zero-interest loan

Uzès, Pézenas, Gruissan, Céret, Leucate, Sainte-Marie-la-Mer: these new municipalities which are preparing to benefit from the zero-interest loan

Les conditions d’éligibilité du prêt à taux zéro évoluent à compter du 1er avril prochain. Les bénéficiaires seront plus nombreux. MAXPPP – Vincent VOEGTLIN

As of April 1, the benefit of this loan intended to help candidates for primary property ownership will be extended to 14 additional municipalities in the region. Explanations.

The finance law for 2024, passed in the fall, extended the zero-rate loan (PTZ) until December 31, 2027. This is to support candidates for access to the main property, in the middle of a housing crisis. The law has also changed certain conditions, which allow you to benefit from the PTZ and which will apply to loan offers issued no later than April 1. Deciphering this timely development.

1. What is the 0% loan? ?

This is financial assistance allowing access to property, which takes the form of free and capped credit, allocated under means conditions. "Banks signatory to an agreement with the State can issue a PTZ, according to Cafpi, specialized in credit brokerage. These establishments may require a guarantee and borrower insurance. On the other hand, the borrower pays neither interest nor administration fees to the bank.

The PTZ is not a separate loan. It must necessarily complement a traditional real estate loan, but can also be combined with other aid targeted towards the acquisition of property. It is reserved for first-time buyers only, which means that the beneficiary must not have already owned a property. Finally, the repayment period can range up to 25 years.

2. A refocusing on targeted housing

The granting conditions and eligibility have been broadened. Objective: open it to many more potential beneficiaries. This begins with a refocusing on new collective housing, old housing with work and the acquisition of new housing as part of a rental-ownership, a lease real solidarity (BRS) or a property ownership contract with reduced VAT rate. Consequence: the PTZ will no longer be eligible for the acquisition of an individual house. Individual home professionals, who contest this exclusion measure, are paying the consequences of the policy of reducing land artificialization.

3. A refocusing on tense areas

The housing must also be located in tense zones A, A bis and B1. The number of these zones has been increased. In our region, 14 of them will benefit from the possibility of obtaining a PTZ from April 1st. In the Gard, these are Vauvert, Uzès and Le Grau du Roi. In Hérault, Clermont-l’Hérault, Pézenas, Valras-Plage and Béziers. In Aude, Leucate, Port-la-Nouvelle and Gruissan. In the Pyrénées-Orientales, Céret, Sainte-Marie-la-Mer, Font-Romeu and Saint-Estève.

Uzès, Pézenas, Gruissan, Céret, Leucate, Sainte-Marie-la-Mer: these new municipalities which are preparing to benefit from the zero-interest loan

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4. Increased income ceilings

The public authorities have decided to expand the number of PTZ beneficiaries, by raising the income level to be eligible. The ceilings benefit from an elevation of up to 42%, as is the case in zone A (metropolises, where tension is the highest), to the acquisition of a property accommodating two people (our infographic). A reminder: the benefit of a 0% rate loan is conditional on the level of resources and the number of people in the family. Thus, for a PTZ concerning housing located in zone A and intended for a family of two people, the level of resources increased from 51,800,euros to 73,500,euros.

More than 600 municipalities will be reclassified as tense zones

In order to respond to the housing crisis, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, and Guillaume Kasbarian, Minister Delegate. to Housing, announced Friday evening that the number of municipalities benefiting from a tense zone (including PTZ beneficiaries) was going to be increased. In a few weeks, there will be more than 600, who will be added to the number of people involved. those already there classified as a tense zone. In total, "1.8 million additional people will be able to be made eligible for the loan  ; zero rate to acquire new housing, specifies the government.

The final list of municipalities concerned should be known by June. Previously, before the end of May, "the regional and departmental prefects will consult local elected officials in order to evolve the list so as to ; reflect the reality territories".

"These new measures do not do everything, but restore flexibility in accessing property", comments Cyril Brun, general manager of Banque Populaire du Sud. The regional bank has decided "to support young households under the age of 35, who are eligible for the new PTZ formula". How ? The bank provides them with a 0 % rate envelope of 25 000 euros, "for the entire duration of their credit, to double the amount of the zero-rate loan to which they are entitled". This additional 25,000 euros is added to the 0% loan already obtained. "This can make a significant envelope to alleviate rate pressure".

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