VIDEO. Kiel – MHB: the slap box released by the “Kielers”, a big breakdown at the end of the match… how Montpellier ended up giving in ?

VIDEO. Kiel - MHB: the slap box released by the "Kielers", a big breakdown at the end of the match... how Montpellier ended up giving in ?

Dès le début du match, Wiencek a donné le ton en défense. MAXPPP

Kiel's defense, an attack at half mast at the end of the match… the MHB was defeated by THW Kiel (31-21) who put an end to Hérault's dreams of Final 4 of the Champions League, Thursday May 2.

When pivot Patrick Wiencek and captain Domagoj Duvnjak leave Kiel, the zebra club will be able to make a statue of them both. In the wake of the German and the Croatian – who are not just butchers distributing slaps of all kinds –, it’s the whole THW which ended up asphyxiating the MHB on Thursday evening, only author of 21 goals in 60 minutes.

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The demolition business began from the first minute with an attack from the first city on Monte, then another from the second on Skube. Overby's red card in the eleventh minute did nothing to calm the desire of Filip Jicha's players to jump on anything that could move within their nine meters. It's hard to say it didn't pay off.

Exceptional Mrkva in his cages

Firstly by gradually bringing the Montpellier players out of the match, as can be attested to by this stupid exclusion of Lucas Pellas in the 47th minute for yet another protest against the referees.

Then by allowing the “Kielers” not to let go of their grip on their prey, helped by the volcano that was the Wunderino Arena, which was just waiting for this to belch its love for its people.  But also by an exceptional Tomas Mrkva in his cages (12 saves), disgusting an MHB having scored only one goal in the last quarter of an hour (!).