VIDEO. Los Angeles FC formalizes the arrival of former Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud next season

VIDEO. Los Angeles FC formalizes the arrival of former Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud next season

Olivier Giroud va quitter le Milan AC pour rejoindre le championnat américain. ANSA – MATTEO BAZZI

Los Angeles FC formalized Tuesday, May 14, the upcoming arrival of top scorer in the history of the French team Olivier Giroud, at the end of his contract at AC Milan and who will find ex-Blues goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in California.

Former Montpellier player Olivier Giroud, 37, confirmed on Monday his departure from Milan at the end of the season for the North American championship without specifying which American team he would join. His entourage indicated three weeks ago that he had reached an agreement with Los Angeles FC.

"What we saw in Olivier is a rare combination in his ability to break through, to bring the game together and to be a finisher", commented to AFP John Thorrington, general manager of Los Angeles FC. "He plays in French team and AC Milan in a system that is similar to ours, and we had the feeling that it was a good choice for all these reasons."

Big move

The Californian leader also insisted on the contribution of Olivier Giroud off the field. "It’is really a big blow for the club", he congratulated.

According to John Thorrington, Hugo Lloris, transferred to California from Tottenham last December, "threw a little wink" at the club, evoking a message from the French striker in which the latter expressed his interest in the idea of ​​joining the North American championship.

"They know each other very well", recalled the American leader. & quot;It allowed us to ask Hugo: what will he bring us that we don't necessarily see ?".< /p>

38 goals in Serie A

According to Thorrington, Giroud could make his MLS debut at the end of July, even if the precise date will depend in particular on the progress of the French team at the Euro (June 14 & ;ndash; July 14), if he is selected by Didier Deschamps.

Since he joined AC Milan in 2021, after spending time in particular with Montpellier (2010-12), Arsenal (2012-18) and Chelsea (2018-21), the striker has scored 38 goals in Serie A, including 14 this season, his best performance at club since 2016. With the Rossoneri, he won an Italian championship title in 2022.

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