VIDEO. “The Eiffel Tower on the left ankle with today’s date”: Carlos Alcaraz will get a tattoo after his first victory at Roland-Garros

VIDEO. “The Eiffel Tower on the left ankle with today’s date”: Carlos Alcaraz will get a tattoo after his first victory at Roland-Garros

The Spaniard returned to his future tattoo at a press conference.

The Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz returned at a press conference to his very first victory at Roland-Garros, Sunday June 9 after beating the German Alexander Zverev, and what will happen next tattoo to celebrate this third Grand Slam success.

Can you compare this victory at Roland Garros with your other two Grand Slam victories ?

It's a different tournament but it's the same feeling. Winning a Grand Slam is always special. When it's the first one in a place, it's always very special. But here at Roland Garros, knowing that all the Spanish players have won these tournaments, to put my name on this incredible list is great. I've dreamed of being in this position since I started playing tennis, since I was 5 or 6 years old. So, it's really an amazing feeling!

Can you tell us about your upcoming tattoo ?

I have to find the time but I will definitely do it on the left ankle. Wimbledon was the right ankle. So there, it will be the Eiffel Tower on the left ankle with today's date. This is something I'm going to do anyway. I don't know if it'll be next week or if it'll take a month or two but I'll do it.

Where did you find this energy in this fifth set ?

I know that when I play a fifth set, you have to give everything, you have to give your heart, and in those moments, that's when the best players produce their best tennis. So often I've wanted to be among the best players in the world, so I have to do a little more in those moments in the fifth set. I have to show the opponent that I am fresh and that it is as if we were playing the first play of the match. I think it works well if the opponent sees that I move well, that I hit good shots and that I find good solutions. Of course, mental strength plays an important role at these times. So, I think that's why I had a lot of success in the fifth set. And of course, you have to take this in the fifth set if you want to win a Grand Slam.

Do you dream of winning 24 Grand Slams like Novak Djokovic ?

I don't know. I hope so. I spoke to Juan-Carlos yesterday. Before attacking this final, he said to me: "You are going to fight for your third Grand Slam title, everything you have been through, you know the difficulty of winning a Grand Slam title. Djokovic has 24. It’s incredible. Right now I can't imagine, I just want to keep moving forward. We will see how many Grand Slams I can win between now and the end of my career. I hope I will reach 24. I will already enjoy my third, we will see for the future.

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