VIDEO. “They shot at random… We saved the young man’s life”: a witness to the shooting in Nîmes says

A new shooting occurred this Tuesday, April 16, early in the evening in Nîmes. The residents are raising a cry of alert: "We live here, every day, we can no longer live like this, it's scary!"

"I was giving a lesson to my students and suddenly, we heard loud bangs." In a testimony collected by our colleagues from Via Occitanie, Hassan Ramzi, manager of the Muaythai Nîmes boxing club, testifies to this horror scene that occurred this Tuesday, April 16 in the evening.

Right in front of the neighborhood nursery school, place Michel-Bully, five men aged 19 to 30 were the target of burst gunfire, from ;one or more people, who were on board a vehicle which immediately fled. Injured in the lower limbs, while they were in front of the grocery store "Market du Pont" located on the square, these people were hospitalized without their vital prognosis having been compromised.

"Yesterday they came, they drew randomly"

"On leaving, I saw a little young man that I know who was peeing blood, hit in the artery by a Kalach ball. I did his compression point, we called the firefighters… hellip; We saved his life!" For Hassan Ramzi, drug trafficking is now everywhere. "Yesterday they came, they shot at random. This young man I know is not involved in traffic, assures the local club manager. Who launches a cry of distress: "We live here, on a daily basis, we can no longer live like this, it's scary !"

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