VIDEO. Wild boars surprised in the street in several districts of Montpellier in recent days

Several wild boars were seen during the night from Saturday to Sunday in the Euromédicine district and this Monday morning in Pas du Loup. A phenomenon which is becoming usual for the inhabitants of Montpellier.

The animals were looking for food. Several wild boars were seen, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, around 4 a.m., in the Euromédicine district, in Montpellier. In front of the Benoîte-Groult school, the family of wild boars was rummaging through the trash to find food.

This is not the first time that wild boars have been seen in the neighborhood. This happens regularly according to Oriane Réaubourg, resident of the Villa d’O residence, located opposite the primary school. "I saw them from the balcony of my apartment. I was attracted by the noise they made."relates the 23-year-old young woman.

"I’was completely paralyzed"

The work-study specialist educator says she is used to coming across them. "It’has already happened around ten times. We even see them during the day." A few months ago, Oriane got a big scare while going to the tram at Euromédicine. "I’heard noises in the bushes and I found myself face to face with a wild boar. I was completely paralyzed."

The animals were also spotted this Monday June 3 in the early morning near the Victor Schoelcher elementary school, in the Pas du Loup district .

For several years, wild boars have been approaching homes in Montpellier, often in search of food. Each time, the animals rummage through the trash cans and dump them on the road. Drives are regularly organized to limit the presence of the species in the urban fabric. The last one allowed the killing of 38 wild boars on March 13 and 20.

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