How “Flash Radar” works, this application that can cause motorists to lose their tickets ?

How “Flash Radar” works, this application that can cause motorists to lose their tickets ?

Le délai de traitement est de 45 jours et peut entraîner des frais supplémentaires si le conducteur veut éviter le retrait de points. MAXPPP – Jean-Luc Flémal

Developed by a law firm, "Flash Radar", a new application that promises motorists to clear their fines for speeding, but not only that.

The ’Flash Radar" application, developed by a law firm, offers to contest the fines received to avoid the withdrawal of points on the driving license. This application is free, but requires you to pay 57 euros to launch a dispute file, reports BFMTV.

How does it work?

First of all you have to "flash" your notice of violation. Thanks to text recognition technology from the image of your report, the information necessary to launch the dispute file is collected. You must then pay the 57 euros and leave the firm lawyers to handle the dispute file.

The principle is simple: radar photos which most of the time do not allow us to identify the driver behind the wheel of the flashed vehicle.

The application’s official website explains that'"In order to be able to prosecute you as the driver of the vehicle, the Public Prosecutor's Office is required to identify you as the author of the offense. Without arrest by the police, without denunciation from your employer, or without a photo that would allow you to be identified (98% of photographic images do not make it possible to formally determine who the driver is), your points will be preserved.

Guaranteed at 98%

The success of the approach is 98% guaranteed. The law firm has recently proposed contesting all fines drawn up without interception of the vehicle "on the fly by the police or by video verbalization", specifies Le Parisien. In addition to speed camera violations which are mainly speeding, but also crossing a red light.

The processing time is 45 days and may incur additional charges if the driver wants to avoid points withdrawal."The main risk is financial order. Indeed, after contesting your infraction, the amount of the fine to be paid could be higher than that initially planned (200 euros on average)", details the Cabinet de Caumont on its site before specifying that "this service is 100  legal and no mention will appear on your criminal record".

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