Vinocap show in Cap d'Agde: in Alignan, the new wind of Larose

Vinocap show in Cap d'Agde: in Alignan, the new wind of Larose

Part of the eight vintages produced by the Larose family, in front of the clay amphorae designed in Aude. FREE MIDI – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

The 15th edition of the most important wine tourism fair in the south of France will take place from Thursday May 9 to Saturday May 11, on the quays of the Center-Port du Cap, where more than a hundred exhibitors are expected. . Until then, Midi Libre invites you to meet several of its actors. This Sunday, we find Magali and Joël Larose, from the Gaec of the same name, based in Alignan-du-Vent.

You will forgive us for daring to cross the (administrative) borders of the Hérault-Mediterranean agglomeration community, to enter the harsh lands of Alignan-du-Vent, a stone's throw away.

10,000 bottles per year, the rest to the "coopé"

A village that bore its name well that April evening where we met Magali and Joël Larose, owners of the eponymous Gaec. Devotees of the Vinocap show, who got into winemaking a few years ago, "to see what it would be like" , testifies Magali.

Of the 32 hectares of the estate, four are devoted to the production of 10,000 bottles available in three colors and eight vintages. The rest is brought to the village cooperative cellar, "and this is what allows us to live", would like to clarify the winemaker.

Amphorae from Aude

The fact remains that the estate’s wines are worth discovering. We think of this rosé fermented in oak barrels or the Carignan-Grenache duo aged in clay amphoras designed in Aude, which round out the tannins (and the sensation of alcohol) just enough. ;rsquo;it is necessary. As for the Prestige vintage (15 €), it would take an entire page to explain the operations that make this bottle something rare. The Larose couple wanted to let go, and it was successful! All without a consulting oenologist "to dictate the mass for us", squeaks the owner of the place, who after having worked in Narbonne at Languedoc-Roussillon Origine (LRO), now devotes himself to his field full time.

Hand harvest, press of “papète”…

By the way, we were going to forget it: Gaec Larose is in organic farming and likes to let people know it. After following his father and grandfather into the ranks, Joël now works according to his own vision of things. Spraying of nettle and orange peel spray on the vines, no use of wine filtration, bottling according to the lunar calendar… The Larose family has well-anchored principles and vintages that are faithful to them. In the cellar, the same story: craftsmanship and resourcefulness reign supreme here. When it's not serving as a tasting bar, the “papète” is always used during the harvest, a harvest which is also carried out by hand on the four hectares used for winemaking. As for bottling, it is also done by hand and in the family , history of mastering the production chain from A to Z.

The pleasure of trade fairs

At Vinocap, you can taste the bottles of Domaine Larose on the Quai de la Trinquette side, towards the back of the lounge, where the good surprises often nestle. & quot;Exchanging, meeting customers, it's fun", appreciate Magali and Joël who, on the day of our interview, had just arrived from a trade show organized in Mende (48). A necessary step for winegrowers who wish to make themselves known, with significant benefits for the estate. "Participating in Vinocap allowed us to retain customers who came to see us in Alignan after the living room. And some order from us every year." An excellent summary of the Vinocap philosophy.

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