Visual pollution: the City of Nîmes announces that it has reduced advertising in its streets by more than 30%

Visual pollution: the City of Nîmes announces that it has reduced advertising in its streets by more than 30%

Sur les 631 dispositifs publicitaires existants, 223 ont été supprimés et 74 ont été mis en conformité. Ville de Nîmes

La Ville est ainsi allée au-delà de ses obligations en réduisant de plus d’un tiers la publicité en ville, comme elle s’y était engagée fin 2021 en votant un nouveau Règlement local de publicité (RLP).

Mission accomplished, announces the City of Nîmes. Two years after voting for a new RLP and announcing a 30% reduction in visual pollution linked to non-regulatory advertising displays, the City has kept its commitments. Better, she declares, she exceeded her objectives and succeeded in ensuring the protection and beautification of the living environment of the people of Nîmes.

250 non-compliant devices

"We are pleased today to have filed nearly 250 advertising devices in violation of the regulations. This responds not only to an obligation but also to an expectation of the population to see the city free itself from often imposing and disproportionate displays. This is a very good thing for the attractiveness of the city, whose beautification continues thanks to collective work and a tireless effort by the City's services", rejoices Valentine Wolber, Deputy Assistant for Shops, Commercial Activities and the Revitalization of the City Center.

Overall, of the 631 existing advertising devices, 223 have been removed and 74 have been brought into compliance. With the main objectives: preservation of the living environment of residents while regulating new forms of advertising (commercial fronts, digital devices, tarpaulins, window stickers), protection of the Remarkable Heritage Site, improvement of visual quality and landscape of the city entrances (road to Arles, road to Uzès, road to Montpellier…).

Professional brands in the viewfinder

Thus, to date, all of the devices which were in violation of national regulations are compliant, assures the municipality. Which plans to continue its work (around a hundred advertising devices falling under local regulations are concerned). And will now focus its efforts on professional brands, which do not comply with all the new RLP standards ( location, size, not exceeding the roof or supporting wall, compliance with density rules…). It legally has until 2027 to bring the entire park up to standard.

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