Volleyball: an exploit is necessary for Arago de Sète to hope to play a “final”

Volleyball: an exploit is necessary for Arago de Sète to hope to play a “final”

Tibo Rippert et les siens vont devoir prendre trois points, même s’ils ne sont pas seuls dans l’équation. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Les Sétois doivent s’imposer à Nantes ce samedi 16 mars (20 h), en priant pour un succès niçois face à Paris.

There is a strong chance that the race for the playoffs will end this Saturday, on the Nantes floor. But Arago de Sète has continued to push back the inevitable in recent weeks, maintaining step by step the crazy hope of inviting himself to the table of eight at the last minute.

Final goodbyes ?

Proof of this was made last weekend with the superb victory against Tours, for what was perhaps the Sétois' last outing at Barrou. A fierce fight during two marathon sets, then a single rider over the next two, the supporters could not hope for better. Nothing like it to accompany the emotion aroused by the farewells of several players.

But are these goodbyes really final ? The door to the playoffs has not actually closed yet. Arago, five lengths from eighth place, needs six points, provided that Paris does not take any over the last two days. Six points because, in the event of a tie, the advantage would go to the Parisians who would have an additional victory.

Adversaries without a specific objective

The undertaking is ambitious, but possible. A victory, this evening in Nantes Rezé, is in fact totally possible, even if the Ligériens (who will then have to go to Montpellier) have not yet definitively validated their second place in the Marmara SpikeLigue.

The problem is that Arago is not alone in the equation. And that Nice, which therefore hosts a Parisian team in search of a single point, plays absolutely nothing except one last stand of honor in front of its supporters.

All we have to do is count on the help from the Riviera to hope to play a "final", seven days later, in the capital.

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