Volleyball: double or double match, the MVL will need its supporters, Thursday evening at Piencourt

Volleyball: double or double match, the MVL will need its supporters, Thursday evening at Piencourt

L’équipe du MVL devra être en forme, jeudi. DR – DR

Quart de finale play-off accession Ligue A, contre Cannes, match 3, ce jeudi 21 mars, à 20h, au Piencourt, à Mende.

This Thursday, March 21, at 8 p.m. at Piencourt, 3rd play-off match between Mende Volley Lozère (MVL) and AS Cannes. As a reminder, these quarter-finals are played in three winning matches, the first two being played by the highest ranked team, the next two by the lowest ranked team and the eventual match of the lowest ranked team. rsquo;support from the highest ranked.

Let us also remember that last Friday at the Palais des Victoires, Cannes won 3 sets to 1 before hammering home the point on Sunday 3 sets to 0. We saw two faces of the two teams. Friday, Lozériens who played on equal terms with their opponents; Sunday, Cannes who raised their level of play while the Mendois lowered theirs.

Thwart an unfavorable forecast

This Thursday evening, if Cannes wins, they will face the winner of the opposition Royan – Frejus. If MVL wins, we will have to play again on Saturday at Piencourt. In terms of predictions, the chances of achieving this are very low for the MVL.

L’AS Cannes, champion of France three years ago, the most successful club in France in all team sports combined, with a budget three times greater than that of Mende, with its two& ;nbsp;remarkable medical jokers, with its Australian investor, wants to return to the highest French and European levels.

The level of play shown on Sunday was simply exceptional, worthy of the top of the League A table, the two recruits Basic and Sala having quickly found their feet and bringing great added value.

Believe it

Opposite, the Mendois will have to be at their best. Average on the pass and on the wings on Sunday, we will have to do better to try to play more in the center with Salles and Faustino who have big clients with Biglino and Weir. Larrieu, author of two good performances at the forefront, will have to be in his match from the start. The trio of receivers Robinho, Silva and Cheung were not put in real difficulty in Cannes, they will have to do just as well.

We can think that in the tiny Piencourt gymnasium, where the benchmarks are different and where it will benefit from the help of its supporters, the MVL can tickle& nbsp;the Cannes armada, and why not impose a match 4, Saturday still at Piencourt.

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