Volleyball: In Tours for match 2 of the League A quarter-final, Montpellier hopes to revive

Volleyball: In Tours for match 2 of the League A quarter-final, Montpellier hopes to revive

Les Montpelliérains doivent se racheter. Midi Libre – Giacomo Italiano

Après la défaite cuisante à Paris face à Nantes en finale de la Coupe de France, les joueurs de Montpellier ont peu de temps pour se remettre les idées en place. Ils affrontent Tours pour le deuxième match des play-offs, mercredi (20h).

How will the MHSC VB players get their heads back together in 72 hours after the huge slap they received in the final of the Coupe de France against Nantes (0-3) ? Because beyond the disappointing result on the floor of the Halle Carpentier in Paris on Sunday, it is the way in which the MHSC VB played which raises questions. "We didn’not know how to take the match the right way, the state of mind was not adequate, believes coach Loic Le Marrec. We were caught in many sectors, in the block, in attack…"

The team of President Jean-Charles Caylar, angry after the Sunday meeting, had not shown so many flaws since the beginning of January and a defeat in the championship in Sète which had precipitated the departure of Italian coach Lorenzo Tubertini.

End of season Saturday?

Loic Le Marrec, his replacement who was recently confirmed as head coach for next season, is not in danger. But the championship play-offs will determine on which note the season will end. With the possibility that no one on the banks of the Lez hopes to be eliminated on Saturday, on the evening of match 3 of the quarter-finals in Castelnau.

But the MHSC VB is not there yet. Monday, he took the road again towards Indre-et-Loire and its floods which should not hinder the Montpellier delegation to reach the Grenon room in Tours where the reigning French champions await him after a setback, Tuesday March 26 in the tie-break (3-2) during match 1. "We showed a level of play which corresponds to what we usually produce, explains the Hérault technician. We were caught out by one or two offensive players and a good level of reception. We are going to make some tactical adjustments without making a revolution. We risk playing in the same pattern with the objective of starting the sets better."

Executives expected at the turn

Well beyond tactics, the Montpellier team must shift to the mental aspect thanks to the help of experienced players, numerous in this group: & ;quot;Each player is aware of the end of a cycle in the Coupe de France. They will be keen to relaunch themselves through the championship. The executives must bring us a lot in the upcoming matches. They must assume their status, they are the spearheads of the team, warns Le Marrec.

A victory in Tours to tie the series would be an excellent idea to forget the disappointment in Paris. The Montpellier season is not over, there is still a title to be won.

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