Volleyball: Solid and consistent, MHSC VB beat Poitiers to reach the final of the Coupe de France

Volleyball: Solid and consistent, MHSC VB beat Poitiers to reach the final of the Coupe de France

Demyanenko a été encore très bon à Poitiers. MAX PPP – Mickaël Pichon

En demi-finale, mardi soir dans la Vienne, les Montpelliérains se sont sortis du piège tendu par le Stade Poiteven et son public bouillant. Ils retrouveront Nantes-Rezé en finale le 31 mars prochain à Paris.

It was just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday evening when Montpellier qualified for its first Coupe de France final since 2010. The Turk from Stade Poitevin Metin Toy sent his attack into the stands of the Lawson Hall. Body, MHSC VB coach Loic Le Marrec raised his arms to the sky, the substitutes rushed onto the field and all the players jumped for joy to the boos of the Poitevin public.

After a dominated first set (19-25) and a second to the advantage of the locals (25-19), the Montpellier residents showed their solidity during the next two when they resisted the pressure to win in four sets (25-21, 25-21).

Le Goff: "It'was hot"

Large winners of Poitiers in the championship on the same floor a few days earlier (0-3), they knew that it would not be the same story for this semi-final in front of a packed house made up of 2400 furious supporters: & quot;Despite the first set being controlled from start to finish, Poitiers reacted well to the second set by taking us by the throat, analyzed the central Montpellier Nicolas Le Goff. We won the other two but there was more adversity. It was hot with this crazy audience who pushed until the end. It’was a real semi-final."

His Canadian partner Danny Demyanenko was also delighted with the favorable result: "It’was a super difficult match to play. The supporters came in large numbers and they gave Poitiers some rhythm. You had to stay calm, be able to withstand the thunder."

By emerging victorious from this intense duel, the MHSC VB did well. His captains held down the house (Le Goff, Demyanenko, Corre, Reichert) while his young talents (Marttila, Dimitrov) tormented the opponent's defense.