War in Ukraine: civilians, soldiers… as the years of the conflict approach, what is the estimated number of deaths ?

War in Ukraine: civilians, soldiers... as the years of the conflict approach, what is the estimated number of deaths ?

What is the outcome of the war in Ukraine ? (illustration) MAXPPP – Adrien Vautier/Le Pictorium

Almost two years since the war in Ukraine began. As this sad anniversary approaches, the human toll of this conflict is heavy, although it is difficult to quantify.

On the night of February 23 to 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin launches his "special military operation" in Ukraine. The Russian president sent his troops to "denazify"the country of Volodymyr Zelensky. But two years after the start of the conflict, the figures for civilian and military losses, whether for Russia or Ukraine, are kept secret, reports Sud Ouest.

An impossible count

Are we talking in thousands ? in tens of thousands ? or even in hundreds of thousands of deaths ? The exact human toll& nbsp;of the war in Ukraine is difficult to assess. Both on a military and civilian level, kyiv and Moscow do not communicate on their losses.

If certain figures had been given after certain cities in Ukraine had been ravaged, such as Boutcha and its mass graves, Mariupol almost completely destroyed, or even Bakhmut which witnessed harsh clashes; the official overall figures are below reality. The reason ? Access to the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia is not possible, which prevents an independent count.

"A number five times higher"

Estimates can nevertheless be made. If 10,368 bodies of civilians were found by the Ukrainian authorities, Oleg Gavrych, senior advisor to the head of President Volodymyr Zelensky's cabinet, indicated in June 2023 that these data should be significantly higher. "We estimate that the most likely number is five times higher. So around 50,000", he declared.

The city of Mariupol alone would have seen 25,000 people lose their lives, Ukrainian authorities estimate. In Russian lands, the Russian information site 7×7 reports 198 deaths, reports Ouest France.

Military estimates

At the military level, this data is also confidential, since the general staffs are ordered not to say anything.

If we refer to what was presented in the American press (namely The New York Post), on the Ukrainian side, there were 70,000 dead and 120,000 injured; as far as Russia is concerned, 120,000 dead and injured are estimated between 170,000 and 180,000 last August.

But the latest statements from the authorities of the two countries estimate the Ukrainian deaths to be much higher. The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, assured 383,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in December, while the Ukrainian army announced almost a week ago a toll of 392,000 Russian soldiers killed over the last two years.

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