What are these new equipment that you will find on new cars from July 2024 ?

What are these new equipment that you will find on new cars from July 2024 ?

Les voitures neuves vendues en France à partir de juillet 2024 devront disposer de nouveaux équipements de sécurité. DuxX/Getty Images

In compliance with the GSR 2 standard (for General Safety Regulation 2), car manufacturers will have to integrate many new technologies into their models sold in the European Union from July 2024.

The idea is to impose different driving assistance systems in cars in order to considerably reduce the risk of accidents.< /p>

All cars sold in Europe from July 2024 must have an automatic emergency braking system, capable of warning the driver of an imminent risk of collision with another car, a cyclist or even a pedestrian. If necessary, braking may be triggered automatically. They must also have a high-performance lane keeping assistant, associated with adaptive cruise control. Here again, the system must first warn the driver in the event of a lane change, then take control if necessary.

Technological advances

Another mandatory new feature: the intelligent speed adaptation system, which allows the speed of the vehicle to be limited by directly taking into account the speed limit signs. On the other hand, in order to combat drowsiness while driving, a driver attention monitoring system, using a small camera, should alert the driver to the first signs of fatigue.

Finally, all these cars will have to integrate a digital data recorder, a sort of black box intended to record and store information in the event of an accident. This device must be capable of recording all the driving parameters preceding the event, from the speed of the vehicle to whether or not a seat belt was worn, including the engine speed. engine, the acceleration or braking phase, the use or not of the indicator, the force of the collision and the inclination of the vehicle a few seconds before then after the impact. Only investigators, judicial authorities or research institutes will have access to this data.

For motorists, it is of course the assurance of having safer vehicles. Unfortunately, these technological advances may also be accompanied by an increase in prices. The aim of this regulation is in any case to contribute to a significant reduction in road accidents. Be careful though, a recent American study showed that all (or almost all) semi-autonomous driving systems would be faulty in terms of road safety.

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