When city dwellers go down to the beach to dress!

When city dwellers go down to the beach to dress!

En ce début de saison Sophie est venue donner un coup de main non négligeable, à sa fille Aurélie.

En bord de mer, les clients d’Aurélie et Sophie, mère et fille, repartent avec le sourire.

Frontignan Plage, 12:15 p.m., Wednesday April 10, 65, avenue d’Ingril, Bergerie district, Aurélie and Sophie finish folding up the front of the ready-to-wear boutique Lili Shop before the lunch break. The two women whose complicity is obvious are in fact mother and daughter. Sophie came to lend a hand to her daughter Aurélie who opened her store 8 years ago. But Sophie also opened a clothing store 8 years ago, not far away, in Sète: Sun Sète. The latter is undoubtedly the narrowest store in the city, the long Ali Baba's cave on rue Frédéric-Mistral.

A very warm atmosphere

"We have many suppliers in common, we sometimes swap items at the last moment, I call her, do you have it in 42 ? Each passes the other's card to their customers, and like I am her mother and I love her, I always say that she is cheaper than me!", laughs the generous mother.

Her daughter smiles: "The idea of ​​"Lili Shop", developed by Aurélie, is to offer a boutique that is located on the beach but in which you can also dress for the city, moreover I have clients who come from Montpellier where there is no shortage of stores to go shopping peacefully at home" . However, Aurélie continues to mix purely summer items into her formal wardrobe, such as open shoes, or swimsuits, of which last year's collection is one of the products on sale for this new season.

A customer who took advantage of the slight movement of the closure following our visit is enthusiastic about the originality of the belts. "Belts I have, but these are bag handles, corrects Aurélie. And a handle can change a bag!" On this point, the two traders agree!

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