When will you receive your 2024 tax notice after the tax return is closed ?

When will you receive your 2024 tax notice after the tax return is closed ?

L’avis d’impôt 2024 sera disponible cet été. MAXPPP – Bruno Levesque

L’avis d’impôts sera disponible en ligne à compter du 24 juillet 2024. Pour les contribuables ayant choisi de le recevoir sous format papier, le fisc le remettra à la Poste avant le 29 août.

You will have to wait a few weeks to get your 2024 tax notice. It will be available in your Personal space on impots.gouv.fr, depending on your situation, between July 24 and August 2, 2024, indicates the website of the Ministry of the Economy. If you have submitted your income tax return within the legal deadlines.

People who receive a refund or who no longer have any amount to pay will be able to consult their notice between July 24 and August 1. For those who have an amount to pay, the document will be available between July 24 and August 23, according to Ouest France.

A useful document for administrative procedures

The tax website specifies that “not all income tax notices can be issued for the dates indicated above. Also, it is possible that your notice will be available (in paper format and/or online) at a later date (early October or mid-December 2024)." So, "the payment deadline is of course set accordingly, without penalties".

This paper can be requested by several organizations since’it indicates your reference tax income.

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