“When you see the word resilience written on your arm, it’s not overused”: Arthur Cazaux pulled himself away but that wasn’t enough

“When you see the word resilience written on your arm, it’s not overused”: Arthur Cazaux pulled himself away but that wasn’t enough

Arthur Cazaux est reparti de Paris avec quelques certitudes. MAXPPP – CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

Although physically diminished, Arthur Cazaux was very interesting before losing, in line with his good start to the season, Tuesday May 28 during the first round of Roland-Garros.

Roughly, the Court Suzanne-Lenglen could have been renamed the Court 34. Two days after the incredible atmosphere of the success of the Héraultais Richard Gasquet, another has indeed almost caused the sublime pot of the Parisian complex to explode again, still under its new roof due to the characteristic Parisian weather.

The person in charge is Arthur Cazaux (21 years old, 77th in the world), he who must have shares at PortAventura as he is a fan of roller coasters this season. As his defeat in the first round at Roland-Garros showed again on Tuesday.

Started in the lead thanks to an excellent level of play for a boy who had not played a match in seven weeks due to a sprain, the last eighth finalist at the ;Australian Open then experienced a two-set slump with the beginnings of cramps… Before returning from the depths of the Auteuil greenhouses and replaying superb tennis, narrowly failing to take the Argentinian and earthling Tomas Martin Etcheverry (24 years old, 29th), last finalist of the tournament, into a fifth set from Lyon.

"Already a small victory for me"

"Even though I was really struggling after 1 h nbsp;nbsp;of play, I’made the effort, analyzed Cazaux. The public helped me a lot. I managed to get a second wind in the fourth. It didn’t pay off unfortunately. It’s certain that I would have preferred to arrive at Roland-Garros with more matches and to be better prepared. But it was already a small victory for me to participate in this tournament."

"Before the fourth set, I was afraid he would collapse, says his trainer Stéphane Huet. Finally, he had this strength of character which defines him. When we see the word “resilience” on his arm, it's not overused."

And an ankle hit against the barriers…

It must be said that the Montpellier man came "with a knife between his teeth", as he had done announcement. Impeccable serves, sharp strokes, variation with very nice cushioning… Cazaux displayed his characteristic style throughout the meeting to take his audience with him.

Almost too much on the last play when he tried to play an irrecoverable ball beyond the limits of the field, hitting his right ankle, twisted in Barcelona, ​​against the barriers. Provoking the annoyance of his coach.

"I’was so in euphoria, explains Cazaux. I saw the ball and I said to myself that I could have it. I said to myself: “Arthur, for the show, go get her. You never know. That’s my philosophy." And we can’t wait to see where it takes him.

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