Women's football: from Dijon to Nîmes, Romane “Zlatan” Benchao, the savior

Women's football: from Dijon to Nîmes, Romane “Zlatan” Benchao, the savior

Romane Benchao (22 ans, 1,75 m, n°15) a été formée à Dijon. Midi Libre – ARCHIVE MiKAEL ANISSET

D3 féminine/22e et dernière journée. L’arrière centrale du FFNMG (Foot féminin Nîmes Métropole Gard) a marqué un but vital à Lattes. Celui du maintien ?

We will find out this Sunday, May 26, around 5 p.m., if Romane Benchao is the savior of the club. By scoring the winning goal at Lattes in the 90th + 4 minute (2-1) after stealing the ball from the Hérault goalkeeper, the central back went on the attack for the last moments of the match allowing women's football Nîmes Métropole Gard (FFNMG) to leave the red zone.

Women's football: from Dijon to Nîmes, Romane “Zlatan” Benchao, the savior

Romane Benchao (22 years old, 1.75 m, n°15) was trained in Dijon.

It’s last weekend. Before the last day, this afternoon, Nîmoises (9th out of 12) and Lattoises (10th, the last three relegated to Regional 1) are tied, but the Gladiatrices now have the particular favorable goal average.

The Nîmoises must achieve at least the same result as the Lattoises to maintain themselves

They must therefore achieve just the same result as the Héraultaises to stay in D3. Knowing that Lattes plays at Puy, 6th and sensation of the Coupe de France (eliminated in the quarter 4-0 by PSG), the maintenance looks good. Even if Olivier Bonnes' players will also have a lot to do with the reception of Grenoble (3rd).

"Nothing is done, but if Le Puy plays at its level… As for us, it will take an exploit, but we are back in the heads, so…", summarizes the 22-year-old central defender, who is coming back to life after back surgery l& ;rsquo;last year.

International, in the French U17 team

This is the fourth season in Nîmes for Romane Benchao, who arrived in 2020 from Dijon, where she played in the national U19s. Trained (first as n°6) at FC Veyle Saône, the club of her father and brother, where she was captain with the boys, then at DFCO where she was selected for the French U17 team, the native of Mâcon was "need for a change, to play as a senior when I was not allowed to join the D1 team in Dijon… and need South! Nîmes had an interesting project".

Promising, the tall (1.75 m) partner of Mathilde “Boubou” Bourgoin in hinge admits to having lived "four footballingly difficult years here" (marked by a descent to D3, Editor's note) even if she was promoted to captain in her first season in Gard, in D2. Courted by Rodez, Saint-Malo or Strasbourg, the Staps student nevertheless stayed because she feels "very happy in Nîmes in my personal life".

The one nicknamed “Zlatan” by her teammates is "in reflection" for the rest. One thing is certain, the FFNMG will always need its savior.

This Sunday, May 26 at 3 p.m., Nîmes Métropole (9th, 17 pts) hosts Grenoble (3rd, 46 pts) at the Marcel-Rouvière stadium. I subscribe to read more

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