Work to create a bus lane continues between Langlade and Caveirac

Work to create a bus lane continues between Langlade and Caveirac

Après la voie de bus entre Nîmes et Caveirac, place à des travaux similaires entre Langlade et la commune caveiracoise. Midi Libre – MIKAËL ANISSET

Après le tronçon entre Nîmes et Caveirac, un nouveau chantier a débuté le 21 mai.

Work to create a bus route between Langlade and Caveirac, on departmental road 40, began on May 21 and lasted a good part of the summer until May 14. ;nbsp;August. After the section between Nîmes and Caveirac, this project is part of the Vaunage public transport development and improvement project in partnership with the State and Nîmes metropolis.< /p>

1.9km developed

Over 1.9 km, there will be a reduction in the width of the traffic lanes, the reinforcement of the road structure and the creation of a lane reserved for buses. To avoid having too much of an impact on traffic, the work will be carried out at night, under alternating traffic.

During the day, vehicles will be able to travel in both directions. The total cost of the work amounts to 1.43 M€ VAT included thanks to contributions from the Department of Gard and Nîmes métropole of 50% each.

The greenway project

The Department will complete the development of the greenway between Caveirac and N&imes over 4 km with work which will begin end of 2024 for delivery in 2025. It will be backed by the RD 40, then take the routeé of the old railway line to reach Caveirac.

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