“Yes, I like to cross-dress”: he attends meetings “in a skirt and buttocks in the air”, the trustee attacks him in an anonymous letter

“Yes, I like to cross-dress”: he attends meetings “in a skirt and buttocks in the air”, the trustee attacks him in an anonymous letter

Lisa et Akou sont mariés et vivent à Puissalicon et cela ne dérange personne. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

A letter, sent anonymously from the Béziers headquarters of a trustee of Béziers co-owners, sets the scene ablaze with Frédéric, known as Lisa, who likes to disguise himself as a woman. He has just filed a complaint against the trustee for discrimination because of his alleged sexual orientation.

When, in Puissalicon, Frédéric Denis, known as Lisa, appears at the end of a green alley, short skirt, blonde wig on his head, pink tank top to hide an advantageous false chest, wearing excessive makeup , this is surprising. But, very quickly, Lisa puts us at ease and we quickly forget the preconceptions.

"What I like about Frédéric (Lisa) that’s what people don’t see. He has a good heart, he has a way of being that I really liked. That’s how he attracted me when we met. This effeminate side seduced me, says Akou, his wife. Frédéric, who prefers to be called Lisa, is a public works engineer, now retired. He likes to cross-dress. But it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Lisa feels that he is disturbing

For three years, he has had an apartment at the Port Natur 3 residence in the heart of the naturist village in Cap d’Agde. For years he had owned an apartment in Agde. He sold it recently. For three years, he has felt that he is disturbing. That his relationship is annoying. His co-owners trustee has just sent him a letter which has taken his breath away. "Disgusted, he filed a complaint against this company for discrimination because of his supposed sexual orientation.

"My parents wanted a girl, I was to be called Frédérique and it’s a boy who arrived. It seems that they were fooling around for months and they dressed me like a girl", laughs Lisa. "As a teenager, I was called miss. It was only when I lost my hair, around the age of 20, that many people understood that I was a man. I always dressed as a girl and I always really liked it. Even when I'm in “civilian”, I carry something feminine with me." 

And if there is one place where you do not expect to experience discrimination because of your sexual orientation, it is the naturist village of Cap d’ Agde, a space of freedom if ever there was one. And yet…

This went way too far

"Everything that happens today is because I supported the wrong person who took the head of the union council of Port Nature 3. It went too far far. I very quickly realized my mistake, and, to repair all this, while our trustee does nothing in our residence, I worked with others to make a change. The elected representatives of the union council decided to change the trustee and that was no more. There was pressure. And it all became my fault. I think that if we could blame the decline in the city's attendance on me, we would. For your information, yes, I like to cross-dress, every day, all the time. I am heterosexual and I have a very balanced life in that regard. But in this case, there is the cross-dressing which is disturbing, but also the fact that my wife is black. It's a whole thing that displeases."

An error

On March 28, the trustee, who recognized an error, wrote anonymously to all the co-owners. But the mail leaves from the Béziers headquarters: "It is unacceptable for a member of the union council to organize and attend meetings, completely disguised (in a skirt and buttocks at the front). ;air…) and moreover outside the village. This is a lack of respect, politeness and seriousness. What a deplorable image he gives of our co-ownership."
Everything is said…

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