You are a student in Montpellier, here is how to submit your application for housing assistance

You are a student in Montpellier, here is how to submit your application for housing assistance

La demande d'APL s'effectue sur le site de la Caf. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Chaque année les nouveaux étudiants doivent faire leur demande d'APL et on est vite perdu ! Mais avec cet article faire votre demande sera un jeu d'enfant ! 

If you are a student in Montpellier and you are looking to obtain Personalized Housing Assistance (APL) in 2023, here are some tips that can help you. APLs are often essential to pay for your accommodation.

What is APL ?

The APL brings together three different types of aid:

Personalized Housing Assistance (APL)

L'Social Housing Allowance (ALS)

L'Family Housing Allowance (ALF)

Here we focus on the APL, but you can find information on other aid here . 

Conditions to be respected

To benefit from the APL in 2023, you must respect certain conditions, in particular:

Legally reside in France

Apply for your primary residence

Residing in accommodation eligible for APL

Not be attached to a tax household subject to the Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI)

Not already receiving any other state aid

How to apply ? 

The first step to apply for APL as a student in Montpellier is to go to the Caisse d’Allocations website Family (CAF). Housing benefit applications are now entirely electronic. You will need to use CAF's online services to make your request. 

You will therefore need to create a Personal Space by providing some information, such as your beneficiary number or your postal code again. 

Your rights will be assessed based on the information you then provide, as well as the data present in your personal space. It is therefore essential to update them, especially in the event of a change in the situation! 

And for students in student residence ?

Students occupying a student residence must send their complete file, with supporting documents, to the secretariat of the establishment manager, who will send the APL application to the CAF.

So do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of your residence. 

What documents are required ? 

For your rights to Personalized Housing Assistance to be examined, you must provide a complete file. This involves providing all the documents that will be requested on the Caf website in addition to the form to download from your personal space. The essential information will mainly concern your accommodation and your banking information.

Please note that the amount of your rent must not exceed a certain threshold depending on your area. You can simply find out about your rights by doing a simulation.   The main calculation criteria include the family situation of the household, professional situation, the amount of rent, the type of accommodation, the geographical area, etc.

In summary, to obtain the APL as a student in Montpellier in 2023, you will need to make your request online via the CAF website, provide the necessary documents, and respect the eligibility conditions. Make sure you follow the steps precisely to maximize your chances of obtaining this valuable assistance for your accommodation during your studies. Submit the request as soon as possible. 

Looking for help in Montpellier: Home of Montpellier, CAF de l'Hérault:  139 Av. de Lodeve, Montpellier Home of Port-Marianne, CAF de l'Hérault: Résidence Port Pallas, 23 Rue de Chio, Montpellier Espace Montpellier Jeunesse: 1 place Francis Ponge, Montpellier. 

Help number for young people: 

09 69 32 52 52 (free service + price of a local call) Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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