“You are living the most beautiful years of your life”: red carpet for a hundred new interns welcomed to the Musée de la Romanité

“You are living the most beautiful years of your life”: red carpet for a hundred new interns welcomed to the Musée de la Romanité

Frédéric Rimattei, the new director of the CHU, and other officials answered questions from Killian L’Hergouarc’h, president of the interns’ union. Midi Libre – K.H.

Tuesday, May 14, the City of Nîmes, the University Hospital and the three faculties of medicine, odontology and pharmacy welcomed the new interns… hoping that they will settle in Nîmes after their studies.

Frédéric Rimattei, the new director of the CHU, smiled as he welcomed the hundred or so interns who came to the evening organized at the Musée de la Romanité where many elected officials and senior figures from the CHU were also present. : "I returned to Nîmes on May 2 like you. And I discovered a university hospital where the medical community is exceptional, the atmosphere welcoming and friendly. Before discussing the specific issues for interns , 300 are welcomed each semester by the CHU in all specialties: "We want you to succeed in your studies… by feeling good in your head and in your sneakers. And on student well-being there is still work", he agreed, even if 2 M€ were devoted to the extension of the boarding school."The CHU remains a world at risk, we will work with you on well-being, the fight against harassment and sexist violence".

Fight against harassment and gender-based violence

The evening was punctuated by questions from Killian L’Hergouarc’h, president of the interns' union (for the former Languedoc-Roussillon), which allowed  to the various speakers, in three minutes punctuated by a gong, to provide an overview of the questions that will be the daily life (and the future) of the interns.

Isabelle Laffont, the dean of the Montpellier-Nîmes medical school, "the only in France on two sites and two university hospitals, with 4&nbsp ;500 students including 1 500 interns"also insisted on mental health and sexual and gender-based violence, "this is essential ! A vice-dean has even been appointed to take care of it and referents are speaking out. We lift the omerta, it's not easy.

"We can no longer work alone"

"You are in the third medical school in France", adds Didier Jaffre, the director of the&rsquo ;ARS. You are one of the best interns. Our goal: that you stay in Occitanie!"

And how can we encourage interns to settle down precisely ? "Here, we have chosen to develop the Health Homes multidisciplinary (MSP), we have 14", explained Dolorès Orlay-Moureau, deputy mayor for health. "Because financial aid for installation does not work".

Sandrine Callone, the president of the Territorial Professional Health Community (CPTS), also pleaded for "new ways of working as a team, in a network . It's your future, we can no longer work alone. In Nîmes, there are 1 500 liberal professionals, 300 are already members of the CPTS. And of the hundred general practitioners in the city, fifty are in the CPTS, including 24 supervisors for interns.

"Internship: your best years!"

Michel Prud’homme, the president of the Establishment Medical Community (CME), recalled with humor his beginnings as an intern, & quot;summoned at 8 a.m. to the office of an orthopedics professor. I was told "you see this blue outfit, here, it’s Vietnam !" Atmosphere… "It’was hard but teamwork protects and carries us. Don't let yourself be impressed by a teacher ! These five years of internship are the best years of your life. You will progress exponentially. So, enjoy!" An intact and contagious passion !

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