“You will see how the Millavois are slaughtered”: when a U17 match degenerates between Millau and Agde

“You will see how the Millavois are slaughtered”: when a U17 match degenerates between Millau and Agde

Les deux clubs opposent leur version des faits. Midi Libre – Illustration

Millau et Agde devaient se retrouver ce week-end en coupe d'Occitanie. Le SOM a déclaré forfait à la suite d'incidents survenus lors d'une rencontre en championnat.

Millau and Agde were due to meet again this weekend, to play a meeting in the Occitanie Cup. The meeting did not take place since Millau did not travel to Hérault, with its U17 team. For good reason, the people of South Aveyron have bad memories of their trip to the shores of the Mediterranean on February 3. "We came close to disaster,&nbsp ;regrets Mathis Bigard, the coach of this young team. When we arrived, we felt that there was had tension because of the sporting issue, but nothing alarming."  

According to the SOM football educator, as the minutes passed, the meeting gradually degenerated. "After one of my players received a red card, the managers were virulent, one of them grabbed my player by the arm and he ' #39;said "you're going to see how the Millavois are slaughtered". I asked the referee if that was going to be written in the report, he didn't answer me. He just gave us both a yellow card." Followed by another for the SOM coach who will finally be expelled from the sidelines. 

"We got spit on"

After the Agathois goal in the last moments of the match (1-0) on penalty, things got worse. &amp ;quot;There was a feeling of complete injustice, testifies the Millavois coach. We were in the locker room when we were told that around forty people were waiting for us. It was a parent from Agde who took us out of the locker room and 50 m further, into the stadium, these same people who had insulted us throughout the match, we surrounded and there it completely degenerated. The mothers were kicked, we were spat on… At the time our priority was to protect the children and we did not call the police.& ;quot;

"We're not a club where people get attacked"

In the camp opposite, the leaders of the RCO Agde did not experience the same thing. " It's completely disproportionate, it's a sordid story between parents and an overexcited Millau coach, denies Jean-Michel Oltra, the president of the club. There was none of that. Their videos mean nothing, the referee's report is against them. What interests me is the field… None of my players and my educators posed a problem. I trust the official referee who did not notice any aggression towards their players or their educators. We're not a neighborhood club."

The president of the Hérault club assures that what the Millavois are denouncing is a non-issue. "Nothing happened in the Rivalta stadium, he continues. If they felt attacked, they had to call the police or inform us. We would have called the municipal or national police. There was no call in this direction. You don't take justice into your own hands. We are not a club that has the habit of receiving our opponents poorly; where people are attacked."  And continuing: " If they file a complaint, we will end up in court with the evidence. And the credible elements are those of the referee." 

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