Young Lilou and Ivhan medalists in sports shooting

Young Lilou and Ivhan medalists in sports shooting

The medalists, Nicolas the trainer and the favorite duck.

The Porte d’Or sports shooting company has its own school. The basic program, over two years, is followed by advanced training. The young person learns the safety rules, the weapon and its maintenance, the shooting position, the control of breathing and the use of the trigger.

Two teenagers, who had already shone last year at the Gard championship in Nîmes as well as in the regional championship in Sète, did it again at the departmental championship which took place at the ;rsquo;Gazelec shooting school in Nîmes.

Air weapons, Ivhan Delwarte wins two gold medals in pistol at 10 m, and in 3×7 speed, as well as a silver medal in precision shooting . As for Lilou Messiant, she won a gold medal in the 10m rifle.

Contact: president Charly Volle on 06 71 35 12 20.

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