“A final phase for dummies”, against Clermont, the MHR is preparing for its play-off match to remain in the Top 14

“A final phase for dummies”, against Clermont, the MHR is preparing for its play-off match to remain in the Top 14

Montpellier pourra compter sur la détermination de Bastien Chalureau face à Clermont puis lors du match de barrage. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Montpellier already has the dam in sight. But wants to use the match against Clermont this Saturday June 8 (9 p.m.) to prepare as best as possible.

We don't know if the Montpellier residents will keep an eye on the Pro D2 final before challenging the Clermontois. But whatever they say, the play-off match will certainly be on everyone's mind. "Clermont, it’s one more match to prepare for the famous match afterwards, underlines second row Bastien Chalureau. This is the last one to give us even more confidence, to validate things that we managed to do last weekend against Lyon (41-26), so we only have ;rsquo;to continue in the work."

Clermont before planning on Vannes or Grenoble, this is the key word of this last week of a nightmarish regular season for the MHR. A season where no one saw the 2022 French champion trying to save his skin in the play-off. "We are really focused on Clermont, again assures Chalureau. Anyway, whether we believe it or not, we are there at this famous dam. There was a questioning for all the players in the group. We had to go there."

A questioning and a change of gear too. Because to escape the trap of this barrier, Montpellier will have to offer better than what it has offered on the ground in recent weeks. "It has been felt for two weeks. There is the level that is rising, the confidence that is rising, certifies Chalureau. Anyway, at a certain point, we missed each other match after match during this season."

"I don't believe in luck, says manager Patrice Collazo, I believe in work. For me, work is stronger than luck or bad luck. So we worked accordingly."

"We lied to each other a little"

This match against Clermont will be a new basis for work before thinking about the play-off. Because the staff had to juggle between resting some key players and giving playing time to others in order to have the maximum number of players in shape next Sunday. “We did it on a case-by-case basis, we need to have players on the evening of Clermont who are competitive, warns the manager. We want to have the choice and not depend on the vagaries, the facts of the week, so that we can work in serenity and everyone is on the same page. “

One last match before the play-off axe. “I take it as a final phase, Bastien Chalureau snaps. Well, a final phase for dummies. It really excites me. We lied to each other a bit between the players. Now, we have to take our responsibilities back in hand. And keep this club in the Top 14.”

The Montpellier players have one week to try to meet this last challenge.

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