A first in Aveyron: a composting site in Millau obtains the “Site Vitrine” label

A first in Aveyron: a composting site in Millau obtains the “Site Vitrine” label

Causses Compost permet le déploiement de sites de compostage sur le territoire de la com’com. Midi Libre Millau – Laura Vaillant

The collective composting site at Square Saint-Martin has been labeled "Site Vitrine" by the Occitanie Citizen Compost Network.

Millau can congratulate itself on being at the forefront when it comes to environmental issues. This is evidenced by the attribution of the "Site Vitrine" at the recently inaugurated collective composting site at Square Saint-Martin. A first in Aveyron! And it’s not over since two other sites in the department should, by the end of the year, obtain the same label.

Celebrated this Wednesday morning by members of the Causses Compost association, in charge of the management of composting sites on the territory of the community of communes, the label rewards sites for their exemplarity. "Since its commissioning, the one in Square Saint-Martin has enabled the recovery of 3.6 tonnes of bio-waste", underlines Jacques Commeyras, vice -president of Sydom.

A first in Aveyron: a composting site in Millau obtains the “Site Vitrine” label

Ryan, son of the site's manager, Alexandra, gave a demonstration. Midi Libre Millau – Laura Vaillant

Nine criteria for labeling

And it must be said that he meets all of the nine criteria established to obtain the Grail. Among them: having two representatives trained in good practices, being accessible and constantly having shredded material available to users. "So many positive points that the RCCO [Occitanie citizen compost network, Editor's note] wishes to promote value through the attribution of the label", explains Elodie Berdy, co-president of the structure.

The nine labeling criteria

A local site and easy to use in all seasons; have two advisors trained in good practices and welcoming the public; have a sustainable supply of structuring material (grind); appropriate signage; a display of the site manager’s contact details; formalized monitoring of proper functioning; a commitment à host a visit or participate à a promotional event at least once a year; local use of compost; an adequacy between the quantity and discussions & value and the size of the equipment.

"We are convinced, our food waste no longer belongs in our black bins" , validates Jacques Commeyras in the face of this positive observation. In the com’com territory, 16 collective composting sites are available to its residents. This should increase, in particular with the observation of the technical services of the com’com  represented by its general director, Laurent Carrière. there is a collective awareness which means that we examine waste from another angle and we find a more virtuous destination for it".

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