A minister at Midi Libre, a pizza champion, competitive markets: the essential news in the region

A minister at Midi Libre, a pizza champion, competitive markets: the essential news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l'essentiel de l'actualité en région sur midilibre.fr.

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l'essentiel de l'actualité en région sur midilibre.fr

Housing professionals face the minister at Midi Libre

#EVENT.  Exceptional meeting this Monday, March 11 at the Midi Libre headquarters. At the initiative of the newspaper, housing professionals met with Minister Guillaume Kasbarian for two hours of discussions. And there was no shortage of topics! The sector is going through a very violent crisis which is forcing the real estate professions to seek new balances.

How to decently house populations, how to build in already tense areas ? How to relax the heavy and numerous standards that weigh on businesses ? How to support the social consequences of the crisis in these sectors ? So many subjects to consider find it in our special issue published with our paper edition this Friday March 15.

Sentenced to 16 years for a murder in Béziers

#HERAULT. The Hérault Assize Court sentenced this Monday, March 11 at 4 p.m. years of criminal imprisonment Howard Drouhot, a 32-year-old showman, who shot Luis Amador, 44, with two shotgun shots on August 2, 2020 inside the Cantagal camp, in Béziers.< br />The crime occurred after an altercation between the two men, when the first demanded from the other the late payment of rent for the land with a mobile home that he had rented from him a few months earlier. Howard Drouhot explained that he feared for his life and that of his family in the face of the reaction of his opponent, convicted twenty times, and the reputation for violence. The attorney general had requested a sentence of twenty years against him.
The Assize Court also acquitted the father of the main accused, tried for complicity in murder, having supplied cartridges to his son, and his sister, prosecuted for removing a rifle from the victim's body .

Champion pizza maker ?

#LODEVE. Pierre Rezzonico is qualified for the French pizza championship and will defend his know-how in Paris on March 13 and 14. His goal: "See the jury's reactions and get a professional opinion. I don't offer anything other than what I already have in my truck", he assures. Above all, this first recognition already validates a successful reconversion.

After solid training in fish farming in Lozère, and also after a multitude of jobs, the forty-year-old had a terrible urge to take the plunge… The “fault” to "a Facebook group, “Les fanas de la pizza”, which was the trigger".

Today's figure: 4.8%

#LOZERE.  The Lozère Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bank of France presented the latest figures for the departmental economy. Central point, the unemployment rate is at 4.8% while it stands at 8.8% in Occitanie and 7.2% in mainland France. It is therefore full employment. And this has consequences for companies which struggle to recruit. Particularly the catering and medico-social professions.

Vote for the best deal

#OCCITANIE.  And here is the competition for the most beautiful market in France again. Five markets from the departments of the former Languedoc-Roussillon are in the running in this 2024 edition: the halls of Sète (Hérault), the market of Uzès (Gard), the market of Espéraza (Aude ), the Céret market (P-O) and the Florac market (Lozère). You can vote until April 1st on our site Midilibre.fr to elect the regional representative.

Then, from April 22 to May 23, you will be able to defend our regional candidate so that this market is crowned the most beautiful market in France 2024. Since its launch in 2018, the TF1 13 Hours news competition crowned six markets, including that of Narbonne.

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