A turnover up 38% in one year, to 5.3 billion euros: the insolent dynamic of the Altrad group

A turnover up 38% in one year, to 5.3 billion euros: the insolent dynamic of the Altrad group

Mohed Altrad peut avoir le sourire, son groupe se porte à merveille. Il a atteint les 5,3 milliards de chiffre d'affaires en 2023. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Performance is the result of external growth, the major asset of the development strategy always applied by Mohed Altrad, its founder. With, in recent years, an additional card: diversification in industrial services.

If the MHR, the Montpellier rugby club which he has owned since 2011, is suffering somewhat this season, his group is in Olympic form. Mohed Altrad presented the results of the latter, present in more than a hundred countries and employing more than 60,000 people.

As of August 31, 2023 (the financial year runs from September 1 to August 31 each year), the Altrad group achieved a turnover of nearly €5.3 billion. ;#39;euros, up almost 38%% compared to 2022 (3.8 billion euros)."With an order book estimated at 5.7 billion euros at the end of the year, our group has strong visibility on its turnover to come", comments its founder.

Successful diversification in industrial services

The future therefore seems bright for the powerful Montpellier group. Especially since "the reserve of calls for tender" is "significant and very active". Particularly in the industrial services sector, a field towards which the group moved in the mid-2000s, after having built its success on the equipment solutions offered to the building and construction sectors. construction.

Today, the weight of industrial services in the group's activities weighs 83%, compared to 17% for equipment, its historical activity. The choice to move towards industrial activities proves relevant. "The services activity once again exceeds expectations", specifies the group, which, at over the years, strengthened in its capacity to offer "an expanded offer".

Opening towards renewable energies

The group is increasingly eyeing the rapidly developing renewable energy sector. It thus announces a "strengthening of the group's capacities to intervene in the field of renewable energies". Which gives it long-term prospects "resolutely positive",thanks to the strengthening of its expertise in recent years and by "its exposure to growing markets".

But another challenge faces Mohed Altrad, a direct consequence of the external growth policy. This concerns the group's ability to successfully integrate and optimize new acquired companies. "The Endel, RMDK, Sparrows and Babcock groups have been successfully integrated". Thus, when it bought its subsidiary Endel from Engie in April 2022, it achieved 582 million euros in turnover. In 2023, it will reach 612 million.

Properly integrate recent acquisitions

The ambition is therefore to continue, "over the coming period, to focus on the complete integration of the latest acquisitions& quot;. While keeping a vigilant eye to "exploit all cross-selling opportunities". Because, Mohed Altrad, reminds us: recent acquisitions have "considerably improved" the capacity of his group to &amp ;quot;strengthen its relationships with historical and recent clients". But also "develop them significantly with new prospects". 

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