At Lou Regain, the Roustanian army gets into marching order

At Lou Regain, the Roustanian army gets into marching order

La façade de Lou Regain avec Max Roustan et Christophe Rivenq. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Workshops for activists to express themselves and raise problems.

With a new team in charge of Max Roustan's office and new premises rehabilitated after a period of work, Lou Renew is entering a new era. This Friday evening, the association welcomed the activists during its return to school. A new impetus would have been given. "It’was like when we started in the 90s”, testifies an early activist.

While the permanence of the Les Républicains party has been removed from Regain, the question now arises of the deployment of Max Roustan's army. The succession of the first deputy Christophe Rivenq to the post of mayor is still posed in accordance with the profession of faith of 2020.

If workshops should see the light of day in order to present the municipality's new project, Roustanie nevertheless appears fractured on this subject. It remains to be seen what his attitude will be for the municipal elections of 2026 where we do not yet know where Max Roustan will stand.

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