Baritone Jean-Michel Balester will sing La Marseillaise for the Olympic flame in Sète

Baritone Jean-Michel Balester will sing La Marseillaise for the Olympic flame in Sète

Jean-Michel Balester a réalisé l’un de ses rêves en se produisant à la Sainte-Chapelle. D.R

The baritone from Sète will greet the passage of the flame at Place Roger-Thérond by a Marseillaise, this Monday, May 13.

The name of Jean-Michel Balester, baritone from Sète, a familiar figure in the great celebrations of the singular island, is beginning to resonate more and more loudly well beyond the borders of the Thau basin. The one who was recently rewarded by the Parisian public with a standing ovation for his recital dedicated to lyrical duets between father and daughter characters at the Sainte Chapelle on the Île de la Cité , "just made his dream come true"playing in this sacred place, he who often occupies the role of chapel master. "It’was a very important moment for me, I was able to admire the statue of Saint-Louis (King Louis XI) , my son's name is Louis by the way…" A first name very dear to the hearts of the Sétois, in reference to this other founding king of their city.

Awarded by the Academy of Languedoc

Increasingly in demand in his capacity as choir director, Jean-Michel Balester, founder of the Allegréthau ensemble, multiplies his performances in collaboration with many lyrical and variety artists, which has earned him to be the 2024 winner of the Deodat de Sévérac prize awarded by the venerable Academy of Arts, Letters and Sciences of Languedoc (it has its origins in 1893). A distinction presented in June at the Capitole, which rewards his work on French melody. "I work on French poetry and that pushed me, for example, to launch a work on research on melodies composed from the texts of Paul Valéry for example", confides this lover of music and opera.

Choir conductor in the “500 voices” tour at the Montpellier Arena

"500 voices for the most beautiful French çaises" songs, the new national tour of the zéniths of France launched by David Handit productions, done it also calls on the talents of Jean-Michel Balester. He was é chosen as the reference choir conductor for the show which will be given in January 19, 2025 & l’Arena de Montpellier (Jean-Jacques Goldman, Jacques Brel, Renaud, Edith Piaf and Johnny Hallyday). "I love this kind of big event which will bring together choristers from all backgrounds, young, old, military, people who come even from far away like Perpignan, confides the Sétois baritone. I still have 200 à recruit and then monthly rehearsals will begin. from September. I hope we can repeat again and again. Sète also". To participate, go to the site to register with the purchase of a place to guarantee the sustainability of the program. of the event.

"Messa di Gloria" for the 100th anniversary of Puccini's death

He will also pay homage to Puccini (La Tosca, Turandot, Madame Butterfly…), for the 100th anniversary of his death, this Sunday, May 12 at the Saint-Joseph church in Sète. Alongside tenor Mathieu Sempere, his great accomplice, he will perform the Messa di Gloria, with the Allegréthau ensemble and the university choir of Montpellier ( more than sixty choristers) under the direction of Valérie Blanvillain. A project born during the preparation of the Montpellier-Sète candidate for the Capital of Culture. It is once again Jean-Michel Balester who will take the stage this Olympic Monday, Place Roger-Thérond, to perform a Marseillaise which will mark the passage of the flame along the Sète route. Not to be missed.

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