Before the reception of Marignane, crucial match for maintenance: Nîmes Olympique, it scores badly

Before the reception of Marignane, crucial match for maintenance: Nîmes Olympique, it scores badly

À Sané et aux Nîmois de jouer… et de marquer ! Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

National/26e journée. Vendredi 22 mars, NO, flirtant avec la zone rouge, reçoit Marignane, qui est juste derrière au classement. Danger, car l’avant-dernière attaque du championnat est privée de ses meilleurs buteur (Mbina) et passeur (Diallo)…

In recent seasons, Nîmes Olympique has scored poorly at all levels: sporting results, training, training conditions and obsolete infrastructure, relationships with its supporters, communication… non-exhaustive list.

Twenty-five days, 25 goals, offensive scores are not good

Lately, it's on the field that the Crocos score poorly, too: they are in National and they have the penultimate attack in the division. Twenty-five days, only 25 goals scored, the accounts are not good.

It's quite surprising, because Frédéric Bompard's NO, even though he went down last year, had put a few balls in the bottom: 4-0 against Annecy, 3-1 against Sochaux, 3-2 in front of Niort and Pau, 3-3 against Valencienne during the first half of 2023. Each time at the Antonins.

Three goals or more on five occasions in Ligue 2 with Bompard… and zero times in National!

The Gardois had therefore scored three or more goals five times in 23 Ligue 2 matches with their new coach. But as they had often taken it like bowls, they had been relegated…

Epinal and Marignane, promoted, scored more than the Crocos…

Change of scenery this season: if it's better defensively (already 8 clean sheets), it's much worse offensively. The four promoted, the opponent of the day Marignane (28 goals), Épinal (27), Goal FC (29) and Rouen (29), with players coming from N2, are all more prolific than the Crocodiles. Only the red lantern, Cholet, is less effective (18 goals).

So, coach Bompard, why ? Is it a question of animation, of system, of men ? "C& rsquo;is first of all a problem of technical accuracy in front of the goal. There are opportunities and situations, but we are not very skillful in the last gesture. Then, what we show in certain sectors of play is insufficient, estimates the coach: set pieces, and yet God knows that we work on them; the quality of our centers, which are potential decisive passes; or the forward projection of our midfielder. Afterwards, overall, we lack scorers… but we're going to get through it anyway!"

One day, Bernard Blaquart told us that in a team, you need as many players as possible, all positions combined, capable of scoring at least six or seven goals per season. "He's totally right", agreed Frédéric Bompard.

Lack of scorers

Now, behind a Mbina which is seven with its ups and downs, it's a bit of a desert. Picouleau is the second best Croc director with three goals. Doucouré only converted two penalties, Burner scored more in three Gold Cup matches (three goals) than in twenty National matches (two), and recruits Laurens and Thoumin did not find the path to the nets only in the Coupe de France…

However, this evening, to avoid becoming relegated again, we will have to win without Mbina or Diallo, Gard's best passer (only three offerings, there too). With one or two points, the duo attack having made it possible to overthrow Cholet on March 8 (2-1) ? "I can start in one system and finish in the other, I have no more solutions since January, replies the coach. And we have just scored two goals in Niort and against Cholet."

There you go, Mars attacks ! It's about time, because two-thirds of the way through the championship, the Crocos still haven't scored three goals in the same match. It’is now… or never ?

Behind the scenes of the Crocos

Who in front?

You miss just one being…hellip; Mbina in Gabon's selection, who will lead the front of the attack? Back from injury, recruit "Sané and Doucouré have been training all week and are fit to play. “getting started,” confidedé coach Fr&déric Bompard in pre-match press conference.

Not sure though that they are in the starting lineup. Thoumin, who is a good substitute but not a good starter, until ’à Now, will he have his chance?? The position of Camara, who performs poorly, is threatened.

The n&icir;mois group

Paradowski, Cozzella (goalkeepers), Sbaï, Labonne, Paviot, Mendy, Burner, Doukansy, Delpech, Mexico, Picouleau, Sané, Mbemba, Thoumin, Laurens, Camara, Doucour& eacute;.

The main absentees

Dias (l., knee), Ondoa (l., choice), Diallo (suspended), Diouf (ankle), Sy (athletics), Mbina, Ngakoutou ( selection), Sacko, Wade (choice).

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