Coupe de France: against Nice, the MHSC wants to reach a quarter-final to restart

Coupe de France: against Nice, the MHSC wants to reach a quarter-final to restart

In the championship, MHSC of Omeragic and OGC Nice of Bard separated in a 0-0 draw last November. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

In difficulty in L1, the MHSC clashes with Nice, this Wednesday February 7 (8:30 p.m.) at La Mosson,   to afford a quarter-final of the Coupe de France and get back on track.

Montpellier only has the Cup in its mouth. Since the summer, from president Laurent Nicollin to coach Michel Der Zakarian, they have been salivating at the idea of ​​bringing a second Coupe de France to the Comédie. They quietly dream of placing it on the table of the half-century of La Paillade. History of going back to the source, of putting together so many pieces and escaping the ordinary gray of Ligue 1.

After two appetizers, in Amiens (1-2) and Feignies-Aulnoye (0-4), he offers a first main course, Nice, this Wednesday at La Mosson . This round of 16 does not necessarily come at the best time. It precedes two meetings essential to its maintenance in the championship against Lyon, then Metz.

"Winning restores confidence and oxygen"

Feelings and goals mingle in the heart of winter, but Der Zak doesn't choose.

"As I said at the start of the competition, we want to go to the quarter-finals. When you win matches, it gives confidence and oxygen to everyone. Then, we will indeed have two important matches against teams who are fighting with us", clarifies the coach of a Hérault team ranked in 13th place with only three points ahead of the roadblocker.

Nice less sovereign but still "a lock"

Montpellier does not advance blindly. Certainly, the Aiglons no longer hover on the same heights as Paris SG, but they keep a solid footing in second place. And if, since November 10 and the draw (0-0) conceded at La Mosson in Ligue 1, they have lost three times away (Nantes, Le Havre, Rennes), they have nothing changed to their style, nor to their philosophy.

"Their way of playing is the same. They want you to go quickly behind your back. Although they lost important players during the CAN (Boga, Moffi), like us, they do not concede many goals. It's up to us to break the deadlock, warns Der Zak.

Montpellier without its best wall-piercers

Montpellier attacks the Nice safe without all its wall-piercing devices. In addition to the two Malian internationals, “Kiki” Kouyaté and Falaye Sacko, who returned from CAN in Ivory Coast on Tuesday, are missing their attack.

Arnaud Nordin and Akor Adams are nursing their wounds when Mousa Tamari extends his adventure with Jordan in a completely different cup, that of the Asian Nations Cup. Not the easiest way to regain efficiency and win back a victory at La Mosson. And feel the old thrills of the Cup.

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