Emmanuel Le Pargneux presents his Spiripontain Renewal list in Pont-Saint-Esprit

Emmanuel Le Pargneux presents his Spiripontain Renewal list in Pont-Saint-Esprit

La liste du Renouveau spiripontain réunie autour de son candidat. MIDI LIBRE

The candidate of the National Rally, Emmanuel Le Pargneux presented his Spiripontain Renewal team this Saturday, April 13, 2024. It was submitted to the prefecture last Thursday.

If doubt was still allowed, it is now removed. There will indeed be a National Rally list called Renouveau Spiripontain for the municipal partial election on Sundays April 28 and May 5, 2024. It was submitted to the prefecture last Thursday and presented to the press this Saturday April 13, 2024.

Six health professionals

What to remember from the casting proposed by the young leader Emmanuel Le Pargneux 24 years old? A mix of skills which, upon arrival, gives a team of men and women to varied profiles. "We are fortunate to have six health professionals on our list, indicates MP Pierre Meurin. There are human resources managers. This is the case of Aurélie Delwarte who, if elected, will be deputy mayor in charge of this competence which she has exercised for more than 15 years in the Bollène Tricastin Bagnols sector. "She is also a nuclear referent and is knowledgeable in labor law."


Another voice to be expressed, that of Mireille Becq, 65 years old, who inherited the delegation of school life and youth. She was a school nurse for 20 years, including a decade at the Georges-Ville college in Pont-Saint-Esprit. Mireille Becq is a native of the second city of Rhone Gard. "I saw the decline of my hometown from year to year" she declares. Hence his rapprochement with the RN candidate. She already summarizes her roadmap: "As I am retired, I will have a lot of time. I will work with schools in the Spiripontain sector. I will be in a country of knowledge a little bit".

"Common values"

Another delegation and not the least is that of sport, community life and social affairs. This attribution would go to Ludovic Nicolas, 42 years old, engineer in additive manufacturing. He has lived in Pont-Saint-Esprit for two and a half years. He has already been a municipal councilor in a commune in Bouches-du-Rhône. He met Emmanuel Le Pargneux in a context which, he said, "was not at all political. This is the person who accompanied my daughter for her communion. That’s where I discovered the man he was and the values ​​he held. I asked him to join his list. We have common values".

The state of the city

What about the assistant for town planning and public orders? He is Thibault Héry, design office technician in carpentry aluminum and training as a construction economist. "Seeing the state of the city I wanted to join this list." It has been eight years since he settled in Pont-Saint-Esprit.

A former member of the National Navy

Jérôme Ghisalberty also joins the possible future "government" of the city as assistant for works, roads and development. At 50 years old, this heating engineer for more than 30 years, "Spiripontain by birth" is also involved with & rsquo;Emmanuel Le Pargneux by conviction. "Jérôme knows the town's land by heart"said MP Pierre Meurin about him. The Sipiripontain Renewal is very proud of having attracted resourceful personalities. This is the case of Laurent Maubert from the National Navy who would be deputy for security and public peace. Emmanuel Le Pargneux’s running mate had a first career in the armies. He also arrived in Pont-Saint-Esprit eight years ago.

"A huge desire to change"

At 33, Dylan Assayat should inherit the portfolio of deputy for culture, heritage and festivities. This customer advisor expressed "a huge desire to change the appearance of Pont-Saint-Esprit". Ditto for Sylvie Le Cordier, 61, who would be assistant to finance and tourism. She is the head of a personal services company that she created ten years ago. It employs 30 employees. "I'm used to dealing with people" she explains. Sylvie Le Cordier has been Spiripontaine for two and a half years. "I find it a shame that there is so little appeal when’we are in a very touristy region and where there is a lot of traffic & quot;.

“I respect the man he is”

Caroline Grève is 35 years old. She has been Spiripontaine for 24 years. She is a restorer of works of art. Why did she choose Emmanuel Le Pargneux ? "Because that I have known him for 8 years. I respect the man he is and the values ​​he has. I also infinitely respect his ability to work which blows me away. We follow the man because he has ideas and he has the potential. It has an ability to to bring people together around the same project."

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