François Fontès and two former managers of Amétis, cited before the Montpellier criminal court: the hearing postponed

François Fontès and two former managers of Amétis, cited before the Montpellier criminal court: the hearing postponed

Valérie Lelandais, elected staff member and Jean-Charles Teissedre, this Monday in court. Midi Libre – G.T.

The elected officials of the Economic and Social Council believe they are faced with an "crime of obstruction" of their authority and are concerned about the health of their business. The hearing which was to examine their grievances against the architect François Fontès was postponed until July 1.

Employees of Amétis, François Fontès' company specializing in the production of social housing, will have to wait. This Monday, the hearing during which the staff representatives intended to request explanations from the architect and business manager was postponed until July 1. A first appointment at the criminal court scheduled for February 14 had already been canceled due to a procedural problem.

"The impression of a great floating"

The elected staff members at the company's Economic and Social Council accuse their employers of "crime of obstruction", namely an absence of information on the financial results of the company and its strategy. They recall that Amétis, which has branches across the national territory, went from 156 employees to 72 in two years and has not submitted its accounts for the years 2022 and 2023. ;nbsp;

"We have the impression of a great wavering in this worrying society. There is a minimum of transparency that we owe to employees. This is not an acceptable situation. This is not just any company in Montpellier" tells me Jean-Charles Teissedre, the lawyer for the Social and Economic Council at the' #39;origin of this direct quote.

He recalls that Amétis is the 100% owner of the Sauramps bookstore group. "We have been requesting documents for two years. Today we have many people in situations of great distress. I no longer count people on sick leave and burn-out" underlines Valérie Lelandais, the secretary of the CSE. 

This Monday, François Fontès was not present, nor represented. In addition to the architect, two former Amétis managers were cited by Me Teissdre: the former HR director Mathieu Delacroix and the former general director of the group Christophe Pérez, represented by his lawyer.  

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